Sunday, April 27, 2008

dadis memories and tamarind jaggery chutney

First I would like to thanks jigyasa and pratibha for hosting this event..which is quiet different from other events ,…jhiva for love when I first read about this event there were so many people in my mind,,,but then I thought why not write about my dadi…as all my childhood memories are filled with hers,..reason being very simple…we ie me and my younger sis spent our childhood..with her back in our hometown,,,

Our parents used to stay outstation as my father was on transferable job,.and we were in one of the best school in our hometown, it was decided that we will stay with our dadi…and our parents used to visit us very weekend..earlier I used to cry when my mother used to leave every Monday night but gradually I became used to of the situation, it was dadi who used to take care of us…as I start to write down about her I just cant control my tears…really miss her lotz even today because she was the best grandmother we could have…as her 9th death anniversary is next month this is my way of paying tribute to her…
Dadi I know I never said that I love u when u were there…but now when I have got this opportunity to share my feelings about you I would like to tell you that I love you really lots and really miss you lots,..and I know wherever you are ,.you are watching over me just like guardian angle you are always there near me..thanks dadi
I still remember years ago how you used to take care of us ,..waking us up early in the morning to study,plaiting my hair into braid and teaching me how to do…leaving us everyday to bus stop and afternoon waiting for us for lunch.though we used to come quiet late from school because of our timing but you always used to wait for us.
I remember my fascination for rings when I was kid…I used to collect all sorts of finger rings and I remember whenever you used to go outstation whichever place you used to go you always used to get ring for me without fail
During our summer and winter vacations whenever we used to go for holidays with our parents ,you used to accompany us…always,…and what fun we used to have shopping for rings…and all and how can I forget that it was you who introduced us to shorts…for the first time,,,I remember you got shorts for us when u went visiting bua in delhi and told us to wear them more often in summer to beat the heat…
How can I forget the dancetution enrolment which we later converted into music course…I remember you got the ghungroo beads from the market and made ghungroo for us…
Sangam trip early in the morning,…we used to guard our clothes while you used to take dip in holy yamuna,,and way back we used to shop for karonda,imli,and other veggies and I used to specially buy amla which I used to eat on the way back with salt…
You taught me knitting,crochet and other stuff,…but during school days I couldn’t concentrate much on these things because of studies pressure ,…but now I really long to show you the things which I make as just like you I am also into creativity….
Festival time I remember how excited you always used to be and used to wake us up early in the morning to watch chowki,.or ramlila during dusshera and holi time I remember how you used to go up on the terrace with buckets of boiled chips and rice poppadums,, dry them on the terrace…and which always tasted great….and of all the delicacies which you used to prepare during festivals one is my favorite and that is gud and imli chutney…I tried to prepare the chutney so many times but I always used to fail.but this time when I asked my mother again for the recipe…and tried it for the event…it came out well…maybe because this time you were guiding me ,..J

So here goes my dadis recipe of tamarind jaggery chutney which can be used on dahiwada,allo chat,chola,papdi chat….
ingredients for my dadis recipe of imli gud chutney
150gm gud( jaggery )
25gm tamarind pulp
salt one teaspooon
sugar to taste
one teaspoon each of cumin,fennel,fenugreek,mustard,ani and kalonji seeds
6 dried red chilli
one teaspoon oil
coriander powder dry roasted on tava half teaspoon
black salt a pinc
heat oil in pan
add the seeds and chilli
once they start soluttering add the jaggery ball followed by tamarind pulp
once it starts boiling add sugar,salt,coriander powder and black salt


add water to dilute the consistency
store in air tight container in freeze
Dadi I still have the gold ring which u gave me to wear before leaving for your last trip after which you never came back and yes all the sweaters which whenever I wear even now remind me of your unconditional love and my favourite one is the brown sweater for which we went together to buy the wool and yes also because that was the last sweater you did for me.,as I end this post I just want to tell you dadi...that u will always be in my heart,...forever and ever,.