Thursday, August 17, 2017

and there are many more cakes - steamed cake

While growing up the only cake I has was pan cake , fruit cake and cream roll brought from a small bakery and the occasional birthday cake which would be too creamy slowly there was pineapple cake as we grew up which would have tiny bits of pineapple on the extra sugar cream layer with time I was introduced to black forest during my higher studies and to brownies and other fancy delicacies  and that's when I realised not all cakes are meant for us wheel of time brought me to Singapore and I thought I was in paradise so many to choose from more then cakes it was bun which enticed me so that's how I was introduced to croissant and other kind of bread this is how your childhood when you don't grow up in a metropolitan city and I don't think so I missed anything but yes life was different now a year in Lyon france made me fall in love with the breads there sold in the open market and now that I am back I am still trying each day something new always my eyes are searching for something new to relish - steamed cake is one such delicacy which appeased my taste buds its not creamy there are different flavours to choose from the one I had yesterday had berries in it light and flavourful perfect for my evening cup of chai .