Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holi festival delights Namkin and Mathri from my moms kitchen

Its almost holi time ,everyday there is some festive cooking going on in our kitchen,from past two days Mathris and Namkins is being fried , todays post gonna be Holi Special post ;-)
First recipe is of
Recipe name NAMKIN
Recipe source my mother
Preparation time 15mins
Cooking time 30 mins (depends on the quantity)
Recipe category snack
one kg all purpose flour
water to knead the dough
salt as per taste
asafoetida pinch
carom seeds two tbsp
Mix three to four tbsp of refined oil in the flour 
mix to the consistency that ball can be made of the dough by hand
add salt,asafoetida and carom seeds
slowly add water and knead smooth dough
keep aside.
with the help of rolling pin and pastry board roll out the dough 
pierce through the rolled out dough with help of fork
cut in one direction with help of knife
and then in opposite direction 
heat oil in wok
once oil is hot lower the flame 
and fry the nimkis till brown in colour
they can be shaped out in diferent shapes too with the help of cookie cutter .
Second recipe is of Mathri
for mathri dough diffrence is addition of chickpea flour and red chili powder while kneading the dough.
 rest all steps remain the same,..
Event entry
Srivalli is on with Kids delight event and the theme this month is Wholesome Snacks so the mathri and nimki are off for her event
Priya is on with Hearts for St.Valentines event heart shape nimkis are off for her event
and to my own event Lets celebrate with colours  
thats all frens,,,enjoy cee u all soon till thn happy blogging,..:-)