Baked Goodies at Asan Khana

Plain Vanilla Cake - Perfect Cake for Beginners in Baking
Vanilla Cake with Rose Buttercream frosting 
Betty Crockers Chocolate Cake with Fudge Frosting
TicTac Toe Cake - Victoria Sponge cake decorated with Sugarpaste,royal icing and Marzipan
Eggless Sponge Cake with Chocolate Flavoured Buttercream icing
3 Balloon Birthday Cake - Madeira Cake with decorated with sugar paste,roya icing,fudge frosting and marzipan.
Angry bird cake 
Angry bird birthday cake
Eggless Christmas Cake and cupcake.
Eggless Sponge cake from Sunitas space
Eggless Chocolate Cake with cookies and cream icing.
Eggless coconut cake 
Eggless chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream icing.
Raspberry Buttermilk cake from Smitten Kitchen 
Nectarine Coconut Pound cake 
Blueberry Streusel cake 
Pear cake 
Petit Pain Au Lait - Classic French Round Milk Rolls
Coconut Drops -  another kind of coconut macaroons
Cranberry Muffin baked for Advays second birthday
Eggless Banana Muffin
Eggless Blueberry Muffin
Bite sized Muffins with Chocolate chips for Advay's birthday 
Double chocolate muffin from Ecurry 
Blueberry Cheesecake paired with cashew and orange icecream
Blueberry Crisp with Icecream 
Blueberry something 
- Cookies
Scottish Shortbread Cookies perfect with tea
Orange ginger shortbread cookies from ecurry 
Wholewheat sugar cookies with pistachio and ginger
Iced Butterfly shaped cookies inspired from daring bakers
Glove shaped christmas sugar cookies
Christmas tree sugar cookies 
Chocolate Sugar Cookies
Earth day Cookies- sugar cookies decorated with fondant 
Star and moon shaped sugar cookies 
Iced ginger cookies 
Angry Bird chocolate sugar cookies
- Cupcakes
Iced bite sized cupcakes 
Mini cupcakes with fudge frosting.
Mini Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry jam
Mini Cappuccino cupcakes with bailey's frosting 
Cappuccino and Chocolate Cupcakes with rolled fondant 
Vanilla cupcakes 
Cupcakes with vanilla icing for potluck party 
Glazed eggless chocolate cupcake 
Celebration cupcakes 
Chocochip cupcakes 
- Pizza and Pasta 
Fresh Veg Pizza baked with veggies and lots of cheese
Home baked pizza with mint leaves and cottage cheese
home baked pizza with capsicum 
home baked chicken shami kabab pizza
Penne with Vegetables and Cheese
- Bread 
Cheese Bread  bread baked with cheddar cheeseI
Mexican Cinnamon Cookies
Saffron Foccacia Italian Bread
Rosemary Bread
Syrian Onion Bread
Dinner roll
Baked Samosa
home baked dinner rolls 
garlic rolls
baked indian bread
plain naan

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