Thursday, July 18, 2013

whats gonna be in tiffin tomorrow ?

Me - "what should i give you in the lunchbox paratha or pori?"
Advay -"Mummy why you give me paratha everyday ?"
Me -"but you dont eat rice ?"
Advay -" I will eat rice with peanuts ,or peas or vegetables "
Me-" you mean Lemon rice?"
Advay - "ya ,Advaith gets it,"
Me - "okay will give one day rice and one day paratha "
this was the conversation we had when I asked him what he wants to take for tifffin a day before,so now I am doing the same and ya he is eating rice thanks to his friends.:-)
sharing with you  tiffin meal /lunch box recipes

Poori with aachar
Roti with Matar Aloo sabzi,salad and fried cashews
Chena Paratha recipe blogged here 
Palak paratha with fried sausage recipe blogged here 
egg roll recipe blogged here 
and the final one :-)
Lemon rice recipe blogged here 
Thats all friends ,wish you all happy day
take care and happy blogging

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

weekend cooking - Curried sea bass kerala style

Weekend for me means less of cooking and more of eating :-) so this weekend I zeroed in this recipe which I saw in the cookbook,this curry looked perfect to me for sunday lunch brunch paired it with the ready to eat paratha with some onions and cucumber on the side :-)

Recipe Name - Kerala style fish curry 
Recipe source cookbo0ok
Seabass fillets 700gm
salt as per taste
black onion seeds half tsp
red chili flakes half tsp
oil one tbsp
for the curry 
one onion chopped
two tomatoes chopped
two tbsp tamarind paste
curry leaves one tbsp
mustard seeds half tsp
fenugreek seeds pinch
oil to cook
salt as per taste
half tsp each of ground coriander ,turmeric and red chili powder
one cup coconut milk

pat dry the fish slices and sprinkle salt,red chili flakes and onion seeds
keep aside for 30 minutes.
Heat oil in non stick wok add mustard and fenugreek seeds and let it splutter
add curry leaves and chopped onion and fry till the onions are golden brown
add the powdered spics followed by tomatoes and keep stirring till the tomato is done
add tamarind paste followed by half cup of water and let it simmer for two minutes
add coconut milk and simmer further for five minutes till thr sauce thickens.
remove from flame and keep aside.
for the fish 
heat one tbsp oil in non stick grill pan ,once hot lower the flame
fry the fish fillets skin side down over medium heat for five minutes
serve the fried fish fillets topped with the curried sauce .

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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Tea break

There are so many things going in my mind,so today I thought of taking a tea break for myself, plugged the  iphone and played some random old song,prepared crispy mint paratha ,paired it with stuffed red chili pickle and a mug of cardamom chai and  lived that momemt of sipping tea,tearing paratha and relishing it with the pickle,devouring  the meal as if there's  no tomorrow,forgeting everything for some minutes and breathing  for just self,,.:)

It's been a while since I had my own space but now as Advays school is open things are back to normal or maybe that's what I feel, it took me two months to write this post or to share with you all my musings .Now my posts wont be sporadic , will catch up with my favorite blogs soon sharing with you all   the recipe of Mint Paratha.
Recipe name - Mint Paratha 
whole wheat flour two cup
salt as per taste
mint leaves half cup chopped
carom seeds half tsp
red chili powder pinch
oil to cook
In a mixing bowl mix all the above ingredient and one tsp of oil
add enough water to knead the dough ,cover with cling wrap and keep aside.
after 15 minutes divide the dough into equal sized lemon sized balls
flatten each ball and and roll with the help of rolling pin
place the  paratha on a preheated griddle
once brown from both sides apply oil and cook till its done,
serve warm with pickle and chai..
recipe of cardamom chai blogged here
recipe of red chili pickle blogged here 

I do miss the morning ritual of reading my favorite blogs on the google  reader while enjoying the tea with toast ya I do miss Google Reader,where are you guys following your favorite blogs do let me know,
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