Friday, August 02, 2019

paneer curry with methi leaves

I don't experiment much with panner most of the time its matar paneer or chili paneer bust since I had methi leaves in the fridge i thought of using it with cottage cheese.
paneer with methi leaves

Recipe name paneer with methi
cottage cheese 300gm
half cup chopped and clean fresh fenugreek leaves
curried paste of onion tomato ginger garlic
salt as per taste
oil to cook
cashew half cup soaked in water
for the curried paste 
one big onion chopped coarsely
two tomatoes chopped coarsely
two garlic clove
one tbsp chopped ginger
masala powder as per taste - coriander , red chili powder, turmeric and garam masala
i usually sprinkle it
heat oil in wok add pinch of asafoetida and one tsp of cumin seeds let it splutter
add chopped onion and keep frying till it turns brown
add garlic ginger followed by tomato once must add powdered masala and salt
once  oil is seen aloo the sides remove from flame and let it cool.
make a smooth paste of this and keep aside
make paste of cashew and mix with curried paste
fry the cubed cottage cheese and keep aside
fry chopped methi leaves and keep aside.
in the same wok return the curried paste and add cottage cheese and methi leaves
keep stirring and slowly add water for gravy
let it simmer for few minutes
serve warm with chapati

Thursday, August 01, 2019

what's for dinner ?

with advay's exam looking back i try to cook something which he loves to eat specially for dinner and snacks
yesterday was the same after spending few hours going through history geography and english he asks me mummy what's for dinner and i am happy i had an answer for that
yesterday dinner was gobhi manchurian and dacha paratha
he loves to eat it though i was not happy because i felt cauliflower had to be more crispy

gobhi manchurian