Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Parshe Pposto,Dimer bhapa,Bengali Thali and other delicacies for SWC-wEST bENGAL

Finally 90 percent of packing done,.now when i see packed bags,cartons,and empty rooms i feel so nostalgic,in another 15 days we will be leaving for Delhi,i am happy but sad too,excited but nervous too,..lookin forward for the change in my life as would be able to work there finally but i gonna miss my days in Singapore too,..when i reached here in 2006 after getting married,i was fresh graduate from dental college,who had no idea of cooking.
March 2008-i stumbled on Laksmis blog taste of mysore through orkut,she had announced SWC kashmir,then i didnt had any idea what food events are,.i clicked on the link and got some idea,..and thus Asan Khana was born,till then i didnt had any friends in Singapore,..but now after seven months i have so many friends because of blogging.
This post is specially dedicated to my Singapore blogger frens,..frens gonna miss u all lotz,..it was fun to meet and chat and know each other more,..gonna miss the foodies meet a lot,..:-(
Coming back to todays post,last month i tried lots of bengali recipe,source of recipe of parshe posto,chinir narkel naru,dimer bhapa,arhar dal malai,bhapa doi,kismisher chutney,allo bhaja,begun posto from here .
pomfret in mustard sauce from here
 i will post recipe of singapore style fish head curry in another post.
first MEAL is of
Parshe posto
which is fish cooked with posta seeds,when i saw this recipe ,i knew i had to try this,.yummy fish curry goes well with rice.
Dimer Bhapa
patience is needed for this recipe,for me steaming egg took lotz of time ,but together with parshe posto and plain rice meal was really delicious,..do try for a change,
Chinir Narkel Naru
hubby prepared this sweet,and he was really happy with the taste,it was difficult to manipulate the mix,mabe cause the mix was too soft but taste wise it was awesome.
Second one is Bengali Vegetarian thali
-which has plain rice with  Arhar dal malai,bhapa doi
,kishmiser chutney,begun posto
and allo bhaja
Third meal is
of Singapore style fish head curry
,bengali style pomfret in mustard sauce with plain rice.
previous entries for the event are Kesariya ,Cranberry ,Strawberry and Badami Sandesh.

,Moghlai parantha ,Ghee Bath ,Cholar DAL ,Bengali thali which has green mango curry,tomato and green mango chutney,allo posto and misti pulao.
This whole post minus Singapore style fish head curry goes to Lakshmi who is hosting SWC-West Bengal event.