Friday, May 01, 2009

Sattu bhari bhowri chokhe ke saath ,...

Craving for bhowri forced me to prepare this platter,i know most of u all wont be knowing what Bhowri is ,:-)
Bhowri is made of wheat dough by shaping the dough in the form of ball ,bhowri can be prepared plain or filled with sattu mixture,i had filled with sattu mixture ,traditionally bhowri is roasted in open fire made of wood,common food in most of the uttar pradesh villages,served with chutney,alloo chokha,dal its a complete meal in itself,bhowri is staple diet of most of the farmers,when they leave for work in the morning,bhowri is tied in a piece of cloth along with some chutney and raw onion.
bhowri is also known as bati or litti in other part of India,in Rajasthan it is served with Rajasthani dal,and churma.
I made use of panirayam pan while preparing Bhowri.
for sattu mixture-
mix sattu powder (which is available in local grocery store) with chopped onion,garlic,green chilli,salt and pickle masala.
knead the dough the same way as it is done for roti,divide the dough into equal parts,flatten each part fill in the mixture and make round shape .
once all the bhowri are done.
roast in panirayam pan till brown from all sides and crispy.
Serve hot with alloo chokha ,and chutney,
i enjoyed my meal with fried fara,matha and chokha.
Recipe of fried fara is already blogged here
for alloo chokha(mashed potatoes) - mix chopped onion,green chilli and garlic clove,followed by salt and red chilli pickle in boiled and mashed potato.
for matha (spiced butter milk)-mix black salt,chopped green chill and grated ginger in chilled buttermilk.
One of the regularly prepared meal whenever we used to visit our village,specially prepared by our dadi,and ya there used to be baingan bhartha too ,..really miss those days,.
Matha is regular at our home throught the summer ,again something as refreshing as aam panna,...these days i am having matha daily,,..:-)
Refreshing Matha joins in Pritis event Summer treat
and this whole post goes to Shamas event Village Special Recipes .
Thats all frens,,,,delhi weather is driving me mad ,..:-(its hot like anything,...u all tk cre...ceeu all soon,...