Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Since past two day i was craving for hot jalebis with rabdi,..ya i know my cravings are always for sweet dishes,..thats because i am real choosy when it comes to sweet dishes,..few of my favourite are jalebis,imartis,motichoor ladoo,posta halwa and kaju katli...and ya of course rabdi...jalebi with rabdi was one of the sweet dish prepared during my wedding and one fond memory which i wann share is while we were waiting for baarat to come, younger sis came to me with jalebi and was around 1 am and barat was on the way,..imagine me sitting with full bridal makeup and not conscious about others and enjoying jalebi with rabdi,..i was bugged ,tired,..sitting in one position and waiting,..:-) ,..and ya hungry too,..really miss my sisters a lotz,.. ,ANOTHER one is whenever i was back home for vacations,.i remember father used to get jalebi and kachori from halwai...twice a week this was my favourite breakfast,..and back in school days,,,during summer vacations when all cousions used to come for vacations,..jalebi dahi ke sath,..was on the top list,..and how we used to fight for last piece i still remember,..with time everything changes but one thing i stil the same,..still now when i go hometown whenever i visit hem,..father still gets jalebi....and mother prepare hot urad kachodi,...ya i am talking about unconditional love of parents,..earlier i had to tell them,.to get,..but now they know me so well,.that they get on their own,..missin home,..:-(
its past two yrs since i got married and suddenly two days back while doing nothing...i just started imagining jalebi with imarti,..and since then was after my hubby that i want to eat jalebi,.so finally all geared up,..we actually prepared JALEBI AND RABDI ...yesterday for the second time,
..first time when i prepared jalebi,..i had put jalebi in hot sugar solution,.due to which jalebi was not crisp enough but this time i was extra careful ,the sugar solution was warm,and together with rabdi taste was awesome,..i felt as if i am eating sweet dish in a marriage party not at home, try jalebi and rabdi combo and indulge urself in this sheer delight....thats what i felt,...
jalebi recipe can be found here,,its instant recipe so no fuss,..just mix and prepare,
rabdi recipe can be found here,..i didnt add dryfuits ,..if u wan to give more rich look to jalebi ,dry fruits can be added to rabdi
another recipe of jalebi blogged already
and this plate of jalebi is for u...;-)
I am sending jalebi with rabdi to WYF colour in food event hosted by ec,have used saffron in both jalebi and rabdi ..saffron imparts orange colour , the colour is orange and ingredient saffron
i am also sending jalebi with rabdi to theme independence day hosted by creative pooja under the category orange/saffron.