Sunday, May 13, 2012

todays special - Pear Cake for Mothers Day

Today was just  like any other day or any other weekend
the only difference was that i paired my morning coffee with coconut cake

smeared the coconut cake with a rich layer of kaya
and sipped the coffee and relished the cake till the last crumb
and thus started the day sipping coffee,reading Blogs and teaching Advay ...

Today was just like any other day ,the chores were the same
i didnt had a minute to spare or breath
still I managed to bake this cake
just because today was Mothers Day,,,:-)

Wish all the Gorgeous Moms out there in Blogosphere A very happy Mothers Day ,..

Few days back i was discussing something about Mothers Day with Hubby,
Advay who was sitting there said ," I know what happens on Mothers Day"
Me - "how come ?"
Advay - " flower and card is given to Mummy "
Me - " But who told you ,i never discussed Mothers Day with you "
Advay - "Mam told ."
Me - " so will u get card for me ."
Advay - " yes i will..."
and thus he got this sweet card on Friday which he did in the craft class in his school this sweet card  really made my day,..
Recipe Name Pear Cake

Preparation time 10 mins
Recipe inspired from Not Quite Nigella
Baking time 20 mins
Baking temperature 100 degree centigrade
followed the recipe without any change,
altered the quantity of sugar from three fourth cup to half cup,
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thats all friends,wish you all Happy Week Ahead
Take care and Happy Blogging ,
heres a slice for you guys too,..