Monday, December 01, 2008

Its all about fun,food and life being so so unpredictable,.....:-(

Its 8:30 am ,cold and chilly typical Delhi winter morning,Advay is still sleeping,Pallavi my younger sis already left for work,i just finished my morning cup of tea ,reading newspaper,checking mail ,blog hopping and finally come to this post,...:-),..its been more than a month since i am here,as told in my previous post i was really skeptical how i gonna adjust here,..cause this is the first time i have stayed here for so long,..previously i was always here for vacations,shopping or to meet relatives,..but relocating means totally different thing,..but now after staying for more than a month i feel Delhi is not that bad,not that scary,....:-) ya its true there is pollution,never ending traffic,scary bus drivers but after reaching home warmth of home made tea and food prepared by my mom,sis or even sometimes me...end of day sharing how the day was with each other,...enjoying movie with sis,...watching Advay
play with his mausis
,....all this overcomes the fatigue ,tiredness,and end of day however tired we all are we are still fresh..because we know there is someone waiting for us at home.,..this warmth wa not there is Singapore ,this is something which is irreplaceable.
Last weekend i went Sarojini nagar and Delhi haat with Pallavi and was so difficult to manage Advay in Sarojini nagar market,he was running everywhere in all directions,talking to strangers,climbing on stairs,...then and there i decided next time i am going i wont be getting him,he wanted to walk and believe me suddenly it was so crowded that there was no space to walk,..after shopping we went Delhi Haat for DASTKAR EXHIBITION
..which was really good
,artisans from different states of India had displayed crafts and handmade artefact's ,check out the earthen vessels made by tribal people below
,200 plus varieties of Rajma better known as kidney bean was something new for me,..:-)
and so was paper made form elephant poo :-)
these puppets from Rajasthan have their own story to tell..all dressed up ready fro act,...
Upstairs there were many stalls of wood work from all the states
which included of photo frames,
swing which i really liked
bed mattress and furniture,handmade made entirely of cane,again something new for me,and they look so perfect
chhaya art
Pottery workshop going on ,...
made from natural products,so many varieties,such myriad culture,..INDIA for sure is real colourful, and after such tiring day who wont like to eat ,Delhi haat has food joints of all the states ,we stopped at ,manipur joint or food stall...and this is what we ordered but before that few pics of Advay enjoying at puppet stall
Chicken momos,
Chicken thukpa,
Chilli mushroom stir fry
and Fish thali
,...for dinner we packed moghlai parantha
from west bengal joint which resemble so much like MALAY street food murtabak. ,enjoyed moghlai parantha which was more like murtabak for me with hot tea,...what a end to eventful and tiring day ,,,coming to the recipe of the pic which i shared in the previous post,,,,,

i was on with this post since a week,in between Mumbai 26/11 happened ,i was shocked and shattered ,here i was praising all about Delhi and how well i have settled here,..and i was scared unnecessary,India is safe and secure..butMumbai 26/11 really disheartened and shocked me ,...i mean life is so unpredictable,..its true i was scared before coming to Delhi but then i had settled down also,..i had forgotten all about the serial bomb blast which had rocked Delhi on September 13th, the recent terrorist attack of Mumbai on 26th of November has again left me uncertain about the future and has forced me to think whether it was really right decision to come back to India ,is India really safe for our children,.....and many other unanswered questions,....
So many innocent people got killed who had just gone to enjoy,to meet their friends or just to eat,watching live news coverage throughout could feel the pain of innocent people who were trapped and really felt bad for those who lost their loved ones during the terrorist attack,...i pray to God
to give strength to all those who lost their loved ones in the Mumbai 26/11 terrorist attack on hotel Taj Mahal Palace ,Oberoi Trident and CST railway station.,....thats all frens,...will catch up with u all soon,..take care,,,,