Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the yellow parade continues,..:-)

Life is not the same as it was before,now i dont get time to do few of my favourite things :-( but then i know that with time things change and our priorities too,..since past few days i was not able to post as so many things were keeping me busy,..weekend was busy meeting relatives..and then once Monday is there theres no looking back,..with the daily chore of preparing breakfast,packing tiffin,and other stuff,..time just flies away...and by evening i just feel like winding up everything nd going straight to bed, cousion asked my today before leaving whether i will be able to meet her on Sunday,..i told her its not possible as saturday i will leave at 9:30 in the morning and be back by 9:30 in the evening,..because of the part time classes so Sunday i just want to relax and then my younger sis told her,...this is "Life in Metro"its not easy,..i couldnt help smiling when i heard this from my younger sis,..but then she is so right,..back in Singapore though i was at home doing everything on my own ,  i could take out time quiet easily for reading books,paintaing and so many other things but here though there is someone to help with daily chores still i get tired ,i dont get much time for my own things,..but one thing is there i am happy,..;-) i was happy back there too by doing things which kept me busy and now here daily grind of going to work,managing home,is keeping me busy,.
Coming back to this post Tehari is one of the regular one pot meal prepared in uttar pradesh specailly during winters,..i prepared Tehari
and paired with plaintain fry,mix veg salad,poopadum and red chilli pickle ya the same about which Sunshinemom has written in one of her post,..this one is prepared by mom and ya this one tastes best with any version of rice,..specially with plain rice,..
Tehari recipe is blogged already click here
,Mallika has shared video for preparing Tehari click here for the link
Plaintain fry-rub turmeric na dred chilli powder to sliced plaintain,heat one tsp of oil,once hot slide the spiced plaintain,sprinkle salt and and keep frying till brown from both sides,enjoy hot
Mix Veg Salad in low fat curd - in a mixing bowl add finely chopped cabbage ,carrot and capsicum,add pinch of salt and pepper ,mix well,add one two tbsp of low fat curd,serve chilled.
The below Thali has Masala dal fry ,chapati,baingan bhartha and palak panner
Dhaba style Masala dal fry- after preparing arhar dal the usual way,mash properly and keep it aside,in another non stick wok add half tsp of ghee followed by finely chopped one onion ,half of tomato,one clove of garlic and half of green chilli ,keep frying once done add dash of red chilli powder and coriander powder,fry further for a minute or two, add mashed dal and keep stirring ,remove from flame and garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves before stirring.
Below thali consists of dry veg sabji Allo methi dal and coriander chutney
Recipe of aloo methi is adapted from here
Dhania chutney - coriander leaves one cup,garlic cloves two,half of tomato ,green chilli one,salt according to taste,mix everything together and run through blender,hot and spicy dhania chutney is ready.
Below thali consists of Makki ki roti with tava fry paneer and kathal sabji
Recipe for Makki ki roti is adapted from here ,
for tava fry panner just marinate thick slices of cottage cheese with turmeric,red chilli and salt for few minutes,heat half tsp of oil on non stick tava ,once oil is hot slow down the flame and place the marinated pieces on the tava,once brown from both sides remove from the flame and serev hot with any chutney,..
Below thali consists of Sprouts salad with carrot and brinjl subji with pea,..
For sprouts salad just mix sprouts finely chopped onion and carrot,..add hlf tsp of lime juice and salt,..
Dhania chutney if off to Ramyas mane adige where she is on with Chutney /dip Mania event.
Lakshmi of cooking station is hosting SWC SALAD under 15 mins Mix Veg Salad in low fat curd and sprouts salad with carrot are off for her event.
Sudeshna of Here i cook is hosting Harvest -the festival of rice Tehari goes to her space,..
Tehari,Plaintain fry,Dhaba style masala dal fry,allo methi sabji,makki ki roti and tava fry panner are off to Sunshinemoms hub where she is celebrating FIC yellow event
DHABA STYLE MASALA DAL FRY goes to Srivalli who is hosting My legume love affair seventh helping started by Susan
SPROUTS SALAD IS OFF FOR JFI CHICKPEA HOSTED THIS MONTH BY ms of sometime foodie and started by Indira of mahanandi
Aquadaze is on at her space with lets go nuts and the theme for this month is Peanuts ,i am reposting Dal dhokali and potato peanut bhaji for her event
Thats all frens,,.:-)will be back with more,..till thn enjoy,,,and ya happy weekend,..ceeu all soon,...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Republic Day Special salad,..:-) and virtual treat of past posts in Yellow,..enjoy,..

These days morning is very busy after preparing morning 6am tea which i share with my sis,,.my next agenda is to pack tiffin for both of us,..most of the time its Salad and we keep trying different dressing or it becomes too monotonous,..;-) Tody i will share recipe of Mix Veg Salad in Red Wine dressing

to prepare the Mix veg Salad i have used chooped cabbage,carrot,capsicum,and other leftover ingredients from fridge which included torn pieces of bread,boiled egg white,cottage cheese,
mix all the veggies together with egg,bread pieces and cottge cheese,half tsp each of salt,pepper,sprinkle few drops of red wine vinegar ,add dash of oregano..:-),chopping veggies is the only time it takes to prepare this Salad,..;-) as all the three colours orange,white and green are there and Republic day is round i hve named this Salad Republic Day special-tricoloured Salad
Mix Veg Salad goes to Lakshmi who is on with SWC-Salad under 15 mins at Cooking Station her other blog,..,...:-) happy hosting Lakshmi
Prepared Vangi bhath from Vanis blog  recipe here,..paired it with onion raitha,allo fry,bharwa mircha and chana fry

for alloo fry just heat one tsp of oil in non stick wok ,add cumin seeds once they start spluttering add chooped potatoes,salt ,turmeric powder and pinch of red chilli powder,..keep fryin potatoes till done,..serve hot with rice...
for kala chana or desi chana fry-heat half tsp oil in non stick pan ,add half tsp cumin seeds ,once they start spluttering add chopped onion and green chilli,followed by sprouted black gram,add dash of black pepper and salt,keep stirring,..serve hot...
Vangi bhath goes to Easy Craft who is hosting MBP Easy Breezy Breakfast event
started by Coffee of the Spice Cafe
Allo fry goes to FIC Yellow Event hosted by Sunshinemom.
Desi Chana fry goes to JFI Chickpea Event hosted by Ms and started by Indira of Mahanandi AND to Srivalli's place where she is hosting My legume love affair Seventh Helping started by Susan of the well Seasoned cook.
I am reposting Khichdi
which is Makar Sankrati Special for Festive Food EVENT
theme for this month being Makar Sankranti  hosted by Priti of Indian khana
I conclude this post with some other yellow treats from this blog which are-

In the below pic THALI no. 1 has Cholar DAL and Marathi style alloo bhaji
 Thali no. 3 has Arhar dal malai

Thats all frens,..enjoy the virtual treat,..:-)will be back soon,..wish u all happy weekend ahaed and ya wish u all HAPPY REUBLIC DAY TOO,..:-)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Announcing Fun Event Cook and Create With Luv for Luv

Valentines Day  is around and I guess everyone  must be thinking what to prepare,what to gift your loved one,…frankly speaking I am not strong believer of Valentines Day,..but then I am not against this special day too,..:-) because this special day gives us the opportunity to show our love ,be it anyone,..our friends, family, children and ya how can I forget  our hubby too,..:-)
Every one has got different way to celebrate this special day but one thing is common Love, celebrate VALENTINES DAY in Blogosphere I invite you all friends to take part in the Fun Event

 Cook and Create with Luv for luv

which is perfect way to showcase your hidden creativity, guys can create anything keeping Valentine Day theme in mind, can be simple card for your Beloved,to stuff toy for your children, bookmarks for your friends,anything  which can bring out  your creativity..because I think just like me everyone has got  creativity hidden somewhere,..believe me even I didn’t knew that I could paint adversity made me realise ;-),..anything  which is creative and handmade can be accepted,…
Logo for handcraft entries

Edible entries is also accepted keeping the theme in mind which can be heart shaped biscuit ,cake ,sweets,  savouries ,valentine day dinner, need not be something special,..simple   food prepared with love also becomes special,..nd ya if your kids prepare something for you I will be happy to have them too,..not   to miss by your hubby too,   it’s a fun event where whole family can take part,…
Logo for edible entries

Guide lines for the event
1)      Cook and create anything keeping the Valentine day theme in mind,
2)      Publish it in your blog and link it back to the announcement post
3)      You can use either of the three logos which I have prepared
4)      Mail me your entry at by 20th of February with post url and pic
5)      I will be happy to receive entries from non bloggers too
And now the exciting part :) I have guest hosted blog events before but this is my own FIRST event :-) :-) :-) and this i how it happened -
yesterday evening  I was busy doing t shirts for my younger sis ,I was thinking I will give her a surprise by giving them to her on Valentines Day…though she is not believer of this day,..while painting the idea of hosting this event dawned on me,..since then this has been on my  mind ,,,urging me to go ahead and announce,..but as this one is my first event I was bit wary about how you guys gonna react,..what if u all say,..Valentines Day at this age ,..we are not kids anymore,..;-),..i know its very difficult to paint and create,.with kids around,..yesterday night when I was doing the tshirts Advay was busy colouring himself, the time I was done,,.his grey plain trouser was colourful  with marks from sketch pen,his face and hand green,…but after I was done I felt so happy,,I was playing  with colours after three months…after coming back from Singapore,,,I was not able to devote time to Tshirt painting which really acts like therapy for me, apart from cooking of course :) so friends  just give it a try it by taking part in this fun event and show m yr colors !!!


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Unexpected trip to Jaipur,.with yummy food galore,..;-)

Last weekend we were really busy,..reason being unexpected trip to Jaipur,....trip to Jaipur was on my mind since a very long time ,,..,but for sure not like this one,..though i have been to Pink city before but then i was 8 yr old kid,..i do have some memory of Sisodia RANI Garden ,RANG MANDIR,Amer fort,Birla temple and so many other countless places but then i wanted to visit these places again,..specially with hubby and Advay,,,but couldn't because our visit was too short..but then i m happy too because i got to visit Nahargarh fort
,,..could enjoy Dinner of traditional rajasthani thali which had bajra ki roti,makki ki roti,atte ki roti,bati,churma,khichdi,white butter,dal ,kadhi,gatte ki sabji,allo pyaj ki sabji ,sarso ka sang,..halwa,salad,chutney,pickle,...the below pic is from ,..
chowki dhani AND enjoyed lunch of Butter chicken,Lal maans with tandoori roti at Niros,both Chowki dhani and Niros are must visit place for eating in Jaipur,.....,..we saw local bazzars of Jaipur too but due to less time couldnt explore much,..:-(,. Jaipurs famous street food is Chana jor garam,..their stall can be seen anywhere,..we had at Nahargarh fort,,,heres a glimpse
this one all done,,,
Had kadai wala doodh for the first time,.at chowki dhani,..have a look t the pic below and u will know why i loved it,..:-),....
Some more pics,...enjoy,..:-)

Coming back to todays post,,,Alka of Sindhi rasoi is hosting event Just for you,
Rabdi with craberries,blueberries and Raisin specially for my younger sis,,,she loved it ,..she was always after my life whenever i used to prepare this sweet delicacy in Singapore,.:-),recipe of RABDI is already blogged here ,the only difference is i added chopped cranberries,bluberries and raisin and ya prepared this without Sugar,,.so this version is healthy too,...
This also goes to FIC YELLOW EVENT
hosted by Sunshinemom,.. of Tongue ticklers,..:-)
Prepared Dal Dhokali
again recipe taken from here,,,this one was diffferent version from the one which i prepared previously,... both my sis and hubby are after me when i will prepare this next again,..together with raita ,karela fry and pickle ,..combo was deadly,..doesnt this look so,..this one pot meal goes to Sunshinemoms FIC YELLOW EVENT....
and also to Srivallis My legume love affair Seventh Helping Event
Dal dhokali also goes to JFI CHICKPEA event
hosted by Ms of Sometime foodie and an event started by Indira of Mahanandi
thats all frens,..will back with more yellow treats,....cee u all soon,..hppy blogging and ya thanks a lot for hearin me out and sharing your my previous post,.. reading your comments really helped me a lot,..thanks a lotz agin frens,..:-)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I knw its goona be difficult ,,..but then i am strong,..;-)

Year 2008 was full of mixed emotions ,..or in other words like roller coaster ride, when I look back and think about the past year I just want to say thanks to God for making me strong with each passing day, for making me learn from my mistakes, for making me realise my potential,.and for helping me achieve my dreams,.
.for the dream to be able to work as a dentist we relocated from Singapore two months back thinking we will work together in Delhi but now things are different friends,..Hubby is going back to Singapore for three yrs for more exposure in his field,  he asked me when he got the result about what my decision was, I could have told him to stay back in India but I know at this point of time what is more important for him,…neither can I accompany him to Singapore as there is no career opportunity for me there, I finished my internship in 2006 and since then this is my first job if I go again for three years to Singapore ,…I will be total blank I know,..Advay has settled well in his play school…I know its gonna be difficult for all three of us but then we don’t have a option,we both cant be together at a place,…if he stays here he will lose opportunity to gain experience and if I go then my career will be lost for ever,….thus its decided that he will move back to Singapore while I will stay here with my sis and Advay,…ya I am sad but happy too….i guess God as always will give me strength to face this new phase of life without hubbys support,managing Advay ,work and home I know wont be easy but I guess with time I will learn.,….:-) now with time I have become more patient ,less irritable and try my best not to lose my cool specially while talking to hubby,…because I know he will be going soon maybe in a month time back to Singapore,..even if I feel bad about something I just count numbers and forget about it or I distract myself to something else,..which really works,..frens,…J this post I just wanted to talk out share out my emotions with u all,….
new yr eve we didn’t do anything special….night time its so cold and breezy that its very difficult to plan something with kid around…so after coming back from work I prepared Whole wheat Pasta in chicken meat ball sauce,..searched alotz for the recipe ,..and finally came up with this,..:-)
things needed for meatball recipe -ground chicken half kg,egg two,parmesan cheese half cup,breadcrumbs half cup,garlic minced one tsp,oregano a pinch,salt to taste and half tsp of olive oil ,mix everything together and make small balls,I took lot of time preparing meatball because the mix was too soft so I had to add corn flour and all purpose flour to make the mix manipulative,…shallow fried the meat ball on Appam tava which is new addition to my kitchen along with OTG so guys u gonna see grill in,baking too at Asankhana,OTG was on my wish list since a very long time when I was in Singapore..i was not aware of appam tava till I saw one at my friends place in Singapore,..and after that a lotz of time on blogosphere,...:-)
for the pasta sauce- things needed are-chopped tomato two ,tomato puree one cup,chopped onion three,crushed garlic cloves two,olive oil one tbsp,salt to taste,crushed pepper half tsp,bay leaf crushed two,one teaspoon each of dried basil and oregano,heat oil in nonstick wok ,once the oil is hot add bay leaf followed by crushed garlic and chopped onions,once onions start turning brown add chopped tomatoes ,tomato puree,salt and pepper,..and let it simmer add one cup of water when the mixture starts boiling add crushed dry basil and oregano and remove from flame and keep aside,tried for the first time chicken meat ball recipe.,..everything together tasted good,but meatball alone was quiet bland maybe salt was less,..;-)

For tiffin mom packed Fara ,I know u guys are not aware what fara ,its

something similar to Momo but up style , goes the recipe for the filling-
250gm overnight soaked chana dal add few drops of water and run in blender keep the paste aside ,chopped coriander leaves,one tbsp of ginger,garlic and green chilli paste ,asafoetida a pinch,salt to taste ,half tsp of turmeric and garam masala powder ,mix everything together and keep aside,knead dough the similar way its done for kachodis,add half tsp of oil while kneading the dough,..fill in the dal mixture ghujia style ,for ghujia design refer this post, make the cover for fara the same way its done for Ghujia prepared during holi,heat water in vessel,once water starts boiling add the dal filled Faras in boiling water for half an hour,keep turning the faras,add few drops of oil in the vessel,once done remove from flame and serve with green chutney this is steamed Fara,...for fried version heat half tsp of oil in non stick wok,add curry leaves and mustard seeds once they start spluttering add sliced faras and fry till brown from both sides.,..had fried fara at clinic with nescafe cappuchino,..combo was perfect for delhi winters,...
Whole wheat pasta with meat ball and Fara goes to Truptis

event is
Fara also goes to SRILEKHAS blog where she is hosting EFM Savouries Event
will be back frens with some treats in yellow,..till then ceeu all,...bye,...:-)...


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Some winter warmer and white treats and a warm welcome to yr 2009

Wish all the readers of Asankhana
belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,.....:-),..i know this post is coming after quiet a long time,...but then i was really busy since past few days....reason being have started working since 26th of this month ,Advays winter break is on so i hardly get any time for blogging,..:-( and ya 25th was my birthday so was busy planning party for Christmas eve.,..24th midnight my younger sis surprised me with
BLUEBERRY Cake one of my favourite and 25th was spent with family and friends,hubby surprised me with bouquet of flowers and black forest cake ,this yrs birthday was special for me as after 8yrs i celebrated my birthday with my parents and sister ,for five yrs since yr 2000 i was busy with my dental studies , birthday was spent with friends at hostel and once i completed my studies my location directly changed from Bangalore to Singapore by getting married,..:-) so after a real long time there was celebration at home on 25th,..with both my parents ,hubby parents ,sister and other relatives around..

prepared Makhana Kheer on Christmas eve recipe of which is already blogged here,...

till christmas weather was fine,but since past few days theres dip in temperature,intense fog,hardly any sunlight and ya theres cold breeze too..ya frens its real winters now in Dehi with long cold nights
presenting some winter warmers for this season,..

Adrak wali Chai is my hot favourite ,to beat away winter blues i can drink 8 to 10 cups daily,recipe of tea i have already blogged here and ya one thing more i am facing winters after 8 yrs so u guys can imagine,..:-(

Cream of broccoli soup recipe is adapted from here , the only difference is that i didnt add riccota cheese and chicken broth and ya before serving i garnished with stir fried mushroom,...

for Cream of tomato and Mushroom soup saute chopped garlic cloves,tomatoes and mushroom ,run through blender ,strain the mixture and transfer to the same sauce pan ,add milk salt and freshly crushed pepper ,..let it simmer for few minutes ,,.once done transfer to serving bowl and serve garnished with chives and fresh cream,..for Cream of Onion,capsicum and carrot soup follow the same procedure as above ,before serving garnish with italina herbs and few drops of cream.

After the winter treat I present before you all some treats in colour white for the FIC White event hosted by kitchen flavour this month and started by Sunshinemom,..

The first one is talmakhana kheer ,which is sweet pudding made of lotus seeds and milk, taste this once ,..this for sure tastes divine,

The second one is white butter for which I was craving from a long long time,..specially when I was in Singapore,…I have asked Lakshmi so many times how to prepare ,..but every time there was some disaster so this time when there was enough cream in fridge I tried again and lo,..creamy white butter was ready,..this was tutorial for me too,…heres the detailed recipe ,keep the vessel with cream in hot water for some time,..once the cream softens add one tsp of curd and keep aside for a day,after a day the cream will look like set curd,with help of blender churn the set curd and thats all,..Fresh Cream is ready,remove the liquid and and collect white butter in different vessel.

..i enjoyed white butter with aloo parantha and ,...u guys can guess, i must have felt,..cant pen down, was awesome,..

The third one to go is cottage cheese dosai with sambhar and chutney,…

for the filling things needed are-crushed cottage cheese one cup,finelly chopped onion one,green chilli chopped one,salt half tsp,crushed black pepper a pinch and chat masala half tsp,mix everything together and keep aside for the dosai batter I followed the recipe from Sowmyas blog here,sambhar recipe was taken from lakshmis blog and chutney fromhere..

The fourth one is Dahi Wada with dry fruits filling ,recipe of Dahi Wada is already blogged here ,this time i tried dahi wada with dryfruits filling,procedure is same as blogged already i used cellophane paper to shape the wadas,after flattening the wada,make depression and place half tsp of chopped dryfruits ,cover with the mix and make depression in the centre as shown in pic 4 now slowly slide the wada in already hot oil,lower the flame,..i have shallow fried the wada,..once done and brown from both sides remove from flame and soak in water for some time ,..squeeze out the excess water and keep aside,..before serving place the wadas in curd,garnish with red chilli powder,cumin powder,and salt.

when i saw Srivallis Best of Year 2008 Event
i was really elated because this is such a perfect way to share our previous posts with fellow bloggers and also to catch up with interesting posts which we missed reading ,i am sure everyone must be feeling the same way ;-) coming back to the post i started with food blogging since MARCH 2008 not sure whether my posts will be read or not,..whether i will be followed or not just like fellow bloggers Asha,Sia,Nupur and ya my dear friend Lakshmi who was my sole inspiration,...still i plunged into blogging as i was suffering frm depression of not getting job i had ample free time that time,,,specially because of Advays long afternon nap,,... ,....Lakshmis swc event caught my attention ,..initially i thought i will just mail her recipes but when i saw her blog and from her blog other food bloggers blog i was really inspired to start with my own blog,,..the day itself i clicked pic of Chicken biryani which i had prepared but the pic was too hazy to be published so i omitted the pic and published the post without the pic,...first comment was from my sis which added to my zeal,..and thus the journey started ,..with frequent tips from Lakshmi Asankhana was shaped,..i still remember how much i used to drill her with questions, to do this and that,..but she is patience queen,...never tired of my questions always ready to help, back here in Delhi i really miss her but i know though she is in Singapore she is just one call away,...thats the magic of isd facility,..;-) my second post was of Jaldi Aloo and this was the first comment which i got from fellow blogger ie Lakshmi and thus we started interacting,..and now though we are far are friendship is tsill on,..:-) this is the magic of blogging which keeps us connected though we r far,..."

Hi, Got to know you thro IWIS. You have a nice blog here. Do upload pics of your asankhana, it gives your readers a kind of 'good' feeling. Do visit our IWIS cooking station blog at and if possible send some kashmiri khana. You can blog it in your blog and send the details to me. I will blog it again in IWIS blog and link it back to your blog. Have a good day.,...." by Lakshmi ,..

this was my short and sweet story about what inspired me to start blogging,...i am sure everyone must be having one ,after all there is reason behind everything,one driving force which pushes us towards our goal or aim,...i just shared mine,,..wht about ur,..?

coming to my favourite posts or meal from Asan khana hmm there are so many,,...let me think,...:-)

here i am with

Bengali Meal of green mango curry ,tomato and green mango chutney,alloo posto and misti pulao

Mangalorean Meal of Chicken Sukka and Gashi

Mysore oota for Srivallis Best of year 2008 event i know there are many more,...;-)

Adrak wali chai along with Cream of Broccoli soup,cream of tomato and mushroom soup and cream of onion capsicum and carrot are on their way for Truptis

Talmakhana kheer along with white butter,Dahi wada and cottage cheese dosai make their way to FIC WHITE event hosted by Kitchen Flavour and started by Sunshinemom,

Talmakhana kheer also goes to Purvas Christmas feast event,...
thats all frens,..its 1st day of yr enjoy,..have a blast,..wish u and ur family members,,...Happy new yr again,..:-)tata  ceeu soon,...