Monday, January 27, 2014

chatak chutney wala murgh for busy days

Last week with no recipe in my mind I thought of preparing chicken curry as had to take Advay for swimming class I thought of preparing the curry in the morning,one look in the fridge and I knew what would be the experimenting ingredient :-) dhania chutney which is there most of the time in my fridge ,this one is very simple curry tastes great with chapathi and some salad on the side

Recipe name chatak chutney wala murgh
recipe source kitchen experiment 
ingredient for the marination 
chicken pieces 300gm
grated ginger garlic two tbsp
salt as per taste
dhania chutney two tbsp
curd three tbsp
turmeric half tsp
red chili powder one fourth tsp
coriander powder half stp
ingredient for tempering/chauk/tadka
oil one tbsp
cumin seeds one tsp
bay leaves crushed two
green cardamom two crushed
cinnamon crushed half inch
mace one blade crushed
onion two chopped
In a mixing bowl mix the above ingredient ,cover and keep aside.
heat oil in non stick wok ,once the oil is hot lower the flame and add the dried seeds listed above
once the seeds start spluttering add sliced onion and keep stirring till the onions become brown
add the marinated chicken pieces fry for two minutes and cover and cook for 20 minutes
in those minutes prepare rice,chapati or clean the dishes thats what I normally do :-)
after 20 mins transfer the content to a pressure cooker and pressure for one or two whistle till its done
serve warm with chapati or rice .
since we had this curry in the evening ,reheated the curry and had with chapathi ,

That's all friends wish you all great week ahead
take care and happy blogging.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ganesha Jayanti 2014 - Celebration at home

Yesterday was Sakat Chauth Festival

 also known as Tilkud Chaturthi,Varad Chaturthi,Magha Shukla Chauth,Tilo Chauth and Ganesha Jayanti.
Ganesha Jayant

This day celebrates the birth of Lord Ganesha.
This day its auspicious to worship Lord Ganesha ,women fast without water for the whole day and break the fast when the moon is seen .
Sakat Chauth Celebration

vrat procedure can be found here 
story about how the festival started can be found here
Tilo Chauth

Ganesha stories can be found he
Til Kud Chaturthi
prepared til kut pak for naivedyam instead of preparing ladoo this year .

all the pics in this post are of my home ,had dressed up home for the festival
thats all friends,wish all the readers of Asan Khana happy Ganesha Jayanti
Magh Shukla Chatty

take care and happy blogging

Thursday, January 16, 2014

harried weekend cooking story :-)

Most of the time saturday and sunday is harried cooking day for me ,as it all becomes too chaotic with so many things to do

 and I am left with hardly any time to cook thats what happened last weekend after serving hubby bread roll which didn't turn out the way they are supposed to , I had to pan fry the rolls they looked like edible bread patties ya sometimes I have bad cooking day and most of the time its weekend :-(
 two weeks before I had prepared poha which neither looked like poha nor tasted the same and at  time like this I start to doubt my cooking have I really lost it.but after these two episodes I know two things that weekend cooking specially  breakfast is jinxed for me,:-(
Coming back to todays post sharing with you all simple pan fried pomfret 

which I cooked in 10 mins that too with my son screaming that he wants to help me so just some ingredients tossed together and you have something yummy to eat and ya this one did made up my jinxed bad breadroll day.
recipe name pan fried pomfret 
recipe source kitchen experiment
pomfret one sliced from between 
ginger garlic grated one tbsp
green chutney/dhania chutney ( lifesaver :-) three tbsp
lemon juice two tbsp
gramflour two tbsp
salt as per taste
half tsp red chili powder 
half tsp turmeric powder
half tsp coriander powder 
half tsp amchur

In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients listed above and rub the mixture on the pomfret .
heat one tbsp oil in non stick pan 
pan fry the fish till its brown and crispy from both sides
serve warm with some lemon wedges and onions on the side.

and ya after two weeks of weekend breakfast  debacle i have this thought on my mind should I just serve this simple breakfast of toasted bread smeared with butter ,boiled egg and a glass of orange juice  to hubby
or go for brunch like this of Aloo paratha with dhania chutney

or just  keep calm and serve on :-)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Makar Sankranti 2014- Celebration at home

Today is Makar Sankranti first festival of the year 2014 ,we don't do much here in Singapore ,as per the tradition Khichdi is prepared for the meal ,

I prepared the same for the dinner paired it with oven baked potato wedges and onion tomato raita.
recipe of khichdi is blogged here 
recipe of oven baked potato wedges is inspired from here ,
wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Makar Sankranti,Pongal,Lohri,Bihu,Bhogi and Hadaga Festival.
sharing with you all rangoli pics done at my neighbors place
thats all guys take care and happy blogging

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

my fav street food of Delhi - Bhalla Papdi Chaat

While packing for India trip last year during deepawali we had this conversation 
 Advay -" I know what you will do there at Nanis house ."
Me - "what do you mean by what I will do there."
Advay -"you will eat pani poori there."
Me awed "where at Nanis house ?"
Advay - "at the chaat shop on the road where you has last time ."
I was like what :) I mean how well he knows me :-)
Ya he is just like me even he loves to gorge chaat like anything so sometimes I prepare chaat for him just  to change his taste 
,one of the most common  chaat variety of Delhi is Bhalla papdi chaat ,very easy to assemble if you have all the ingredients
Recipe name Bhalla Papdi Chaat
Bhalla / dahi wada soaked in curd five pieces 
Papdi eigth to ten 
Boiled peeled cubed potato one 
Green chutney /dhania chutney one tbsp
Meethi chutney/ imli chutney one tbsp
Salt as per taste
Chaat masala one tsp
Black salt as per taste
Red chili pinch
cumin powder one tsp
Beaten curd four tbsp
Pomegranate seeds one tbsp
Sev handful
How to assemble
In a plate place the base layer papdi,cubed potato and Bhalla
Top it with baten curd followed by the chutneys
Sprinkle all the powdered masalas followed by sev and pomegranate seed
Indulge without wasting a second,..:)
thats Advay devouring Meetha Pani Poori at my favorite chaat shop in Delhi Prince Chaat Shop 

at GK m block market New Delhi.
Sharing some pics of the same place ,

ya guys this time  I managed to eat my favorite chaat Palak Papdi Chaat there and ya I was satiated :-)
thats all for now guys 
wish you all happy week ahead:-)
take care and happy blogging,...

Thursday, January 02, 2014

christmas celebration at home 2013

I wanted to write this before the year ends,since past few months life has been very hectic so i was not getting time to update my space today i thought of stealing some moments from my chaotic life and ,...
had written the above two lines in December but thanks to my chaotic life  and the sudden breakdown of the  computer I couldnt complete this post ,so today while jotting down my new year resolution in the journal I thought of completing this post first day of the year itself :-)
sharing some moments of the christmas party

 which I hosted for Advays friend at home
advay helped me with the decoration

 and ya i made him read the christmas story which I had written two years back

 baked some cookies,iced them too ,recipe inspired from here 

 baked christmas cake for the occassion too,recipe inspired from here 

ya guys this one was my dream again

which I lived up this year ,it does feel great when we fulfill our dream

btw this year I did something which was in my bucket list since long more on it will come soon,...:-)
thats all friends wish you all great year ahead
take care and happy blogging.