Thursday, February 05, 2009

Brunch of green pea fry and dinner of pizza enjoy,..:-)

Few days back i was not in mood to preapare dinner ,because Advay was down with cold and cough to cut things short i decided to go ahead with pizza,didnt want to work much on topping so for topping i used tomato onion paste,capsicum slices,garted cheese and cottage cheese flavoured with chives.
to prepare Cottage cheese flavoured with chives i mixed half tsp of chives in one cup of chopped cottage cheese ,kept them aside for 10 minutes, after 10 minutes shallow fried them in one tsp of oil,once done keep aside .
assemble everything on pizza base,and keep in preheated oven for less than 10 minutes,mine was done in 8 minutes.
Most of the times when i am alone at home i skip breakfast and go ahead with brunch ,to satisfy hunger pang i prepared for myself egg toast and fresh green peas fry
For fresh green pea fry-
heat one tsp of oil in non stick wok add half tsp of cumin seeds followed by coarsely pounded one red chili and finely choped onion keep frying till onions start changing colour,once done add salt and green peas if possible cover for some and keep checking,once green peas start chnging their shape ad dhlf tsp of garam masala powder and half tsp of lemon juice,stir for a min or two and remove from flame,serve hot.
For egg toast
i have used Dalia bread which was quiet filling,i carved out heart shape from centre of the bread,kept it aside,in non stick pan add few drops of oil,once oil becomes hot keep the carved toast on the pan and fill the centre of the bread with egg yolk,once brown from one side,change the side to toast the other side,once done remove from flame nd keep aside,.
to serve place egg toast,carved out heart and green peas enjoy platter with hot tea of cofee,..
Chitra ammas kitchen is celebrating blogversary by hosting Kitchen Masterpiece event ,while preparing green pea fry i shaped out the peas in shape of heart just for fun and clicked pic too:-) later i realised i can send this for Kitchen masterpiece event i know this doesnt look like masterpiece though...:-) heart shape egg toast goes off to her event and to Cook with luv for luv event hosted by me,..
Rachna of the gourmet launch pad is hosting Healthy Bite event Pizza and green pea fry are off for her event.
Bindiya of easy indin cooking is hosting Love is in the air event
chalo,..ceeu all soon,.me going out for dinner today,,,,maybe Papa Johns Pizza,..ya today have taken break from cookin,reason being its out third engagement anniversary,..:-)catch u all soon,,.till thn hppy bloggin,..:-)