Monday, May 06, 2013

Advay's lucnh box for the month of April

Its been a month since Advay's new term started ,now since he has two lunch break one short and one long everyday I have to think of something different to pack in his tiffin box,
sharing with you all pic of the lunch box meal which he had in April,this post is also for my friends who ask me suggestion about what to pack in tiffin
The above pic has Onion Paratha and fried egg.

Advay loves  to eat chicken sausage in the above pic I have prepared sandwich with lettuce leaves,cucumber slices,cheese slice and sliced pieces of fried sausage.
the above lunch box has Sattu Paratha 
simple sandwich this one has lettuce leaf.,cheese slice,cucumber slice ,tomato and onion
ya he loves to eat aachar specially aam aachar ,have packed plain paratha,fried cottage cheese ,aam aachar and roasted cashewnut .
cottage cheese,toamto and cheese slice perfect combo for sandwich
have kept fried sausage ,paratha and a box of grapes
Sandwich prepared with leftover Matar Paneer Curry
for Pyaz Paratha
Wheat flour two cup
salt as per taste
oil to cook
to mix in the flour 
finely chopped onion one
grated ginger one tbsp
green chili one finely chopped
carom seeds half tsp
garam masala powder half tsp
one tbsp gram flour
one tsp oil
In a mixing bowl mix finely chopped onion ,grated ginger,green chili ,carom seeds,garam masala powder add wheat flour,gram flour ,oil and salt.
knead dough to form a smooth mix
divide the dough into lemon sized discs and roll out chapathi shape
roast on a preheated tava till brown from both sides.
serve warm.
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