Friday, February 01, 2013

Thali with Maa Chole Ki Dal and Crispy Karela Sabzi

Most of the time when I don't know what to cook with a particular ingredient I  ask my mother ,my friends or search on my favorite food blogs,so when I was clueless about split urad dal apart from preparing khichdi , I asked my friend as I knew she would be knowing some recipe
Me-  I called you up to ask recipe for split urad dal
she - prepare dal
me -plain right
she - no you can mix chana dal equal ratio
me -and then i can temper it the usual way
she- ya however you wish,we like it with onion tomato ,...
and thus my menu for the night was decided as I had asked her whats the name of the urad and chana dal ,
she told me its called Maa Chole Ki Dal ,so that's how I got introduced to this yummylicous dal last week prepared in my own kitchen ,recipe shared by my friend.

Recipe name - Maa Chole Ki Dal 
Recipe source - my friend
Preparation time 30 mins 
Cooking time 30 mins
Ingredient for dal 
Split urad dal with skin half cup
Chana dal hal cup
turmeric half tsp
salt as per taste
Ingredient for tempering/chaunk/tadka 
ghee one tbsp
salt as per taste
asafoetida pinch
cumin seeds one tsp
dried red chili two crushed
bay leaves crushed two
half tsp each of turmeric powder,coriander powder and red chili powder
one tsp garam masala powder
onion one chopped
ginger garlic paste one tbsp
tomato one chopped
soak the dal and keep aside for 10 mins
after 10 mins cook the dal in pressure cooker
In a non stick pan heat ghee ,once hot lower the flame
add cumin seeds ,asafoetida,dried red chili and bay leaves
followed by onion and ginger garlic paste
keep stirring till onion s start chaning colour
add the powdered masala ,salt followed by tomato
cook for 10 to mins till oil is seen along the sides
add cooked dal and garam masala powder and let it simmer
after 15 mins serve hot with chapati or rice .

Paired the creamy dal with plain rice,chapati,kachumber and karela sabzi.
the tangy and crispy karela sabzi is perfect combination with creamy dal ,chawal ,chapati with some salads on the side .
For the Karela Sabzi/fried bitter gourd 

recipe inspired from cookbook
bitter gourd chopped six
onion chopped two
salt as per taste
turmeric powder one tsp
dessicated coconut two tbsp
garlic crushed two
red chili powder half tsp
amchur powder half tsp
rub salt and turmeric powder to the bitter gourd ,keep aside
after 10 mins squeeze the bitter gourd and drain the excess liquid
soak in a bowl of fresh water for 10 mins
after  mins wash and drain the chopped bitter gourds
keep aside on a plate
In a mixing bowl mix rice flour,crushed garlic,red chili powder and dessicated coconut.
heat one tbsp oil in non stick pan
fry the bitter gourds till light brown on both sides
drain and keep aside
In the same pan fry chopped onions till brown and caramelised
after five minutes add the fried bitter gourds
followed by the rice flour mixture
cover and cook for 15 to 20 mins
sprinkle amchur powder before serving,
serve warm.

This simple and delicious thali is perfect for guests or for weekend meal,and ya this one is perfect comfort food for me ,maybe will try the same combination with some raita and chutney as side dish,..:-)

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