Thursday, January 08, 2009

I knw its goona be difficult ,,..but then i am strong,..;-)

Year 2008 was full of mixed emotions ,..or in other words like roller coaster ride, when I look back and think about the past year I just want to say thanks to God for making me strong with each passing day, for making me learn from my mistakes, for making me realise my potential,.and for helping me achieve my dreams,.
.for the dream to be able to work as a dentist we relocated from Singapore two months back thinking we will work together in Delhi but now things are different friends,..Hubby is going back to Singapore for three yrs for more exposure in his field,  he asked me when he got the result about what my decision was, I could have told him to stay back in India but I know at this point of time what is more important for him,…neither can I accompany him to Singapore as there is no career opportunity for me there, I finished my internship in 2006 and since then this is my first job if I go again for three years to Singapore ,…I will be total blank I know,..Advay has settled well in his play school…I know its gonna be difficult for all three of us but then we don’t have a option,we both cant be together at a place,…if he stays here he will lose opportunity to gain experience and if I go then my career will be lost for ever,….thus its decided that he will move back to Singapore while I will stay here with my sis and Advay,…ya I am sad but happy too….i guess God as always will give me strength to face this new phase of life without hubbys support,managing Advay ,work and home I know wont be easy but I guess with time I will learn.,….:-) now with time I have become more patient ,less irritable and try my best not to lose my cool specially while talking to hubby,…because I know he will be going soon maybe in a month time back to Singapore,..even if I feel bad about something I just count numbers and forget about it or I distract myself to something else,..which really works,..frens,…J this post I just wanted to talk out share out my emotions with u all,….
new yr eve we didn’t do anything special….night time its so cold and breezy that its very difficult to plan something with kid around…so after coming back from work I prepared Whole wheat Pasta in chicken meat ball sauce,..searched alotz for the recipe ,..and finally came up with this,..:-)
things needed for meatball recipe -ground chicken half kg,egg two,parmesan cheese half cup,breadcrumbs half cup,garlic minced one tsp,oregano a pinch,salt to taste and half tsp of olive oil ,mix everything together and make small balls,I took lot of time preparing meatball because the mix was too soft so I had to add corn flour and all purpose flour to make the mix manipulative,…shallow fried the meat ball on Appam tava which is new addition to my kitchen along with OTG so guys u gonna see grill in,baking too at Asankhana,OTG was on my wish list since a very long time when I was in Singapore..i was not aware of appam tava till I saw one at my friends place in Singapore,..and after that a lotz of time on blogosphere,...:-)
for the pasta sauce- things needed are-chopped tomato two ,tomato puree one cup,chopped onion three,crushed garlic cloves two,olive oil one tbsp,salt to taste,crushed pepper half tsp,bay leaf crushed two,one teaspoon each of dried basil and oregano,heat oil in nonstick wok ,once the oil is hot add bay leaf followed by crushed garlic and chopped onions,once onions start turning brown add chopped tomatoes ,tomato puree,salt and pepper,..and let it simmer add one cup of water when the mixture starts boiling add crushed dry basil and oregano and remove from flame and keep aside,tried for the first time chicken meat ball recipe.,..everything together tasted good,but meatball alone was quiet bland maybe salt was less,..;-)

For tiffin mom packed Fara ,I know u guys are not aware what fara ,its

something similar to Momo but up style , goes the recipe for the filling-
250gm overnight soaked chana dal add few drops of water and run in blender keep the paste aside ,chopped coriander leaves,one tbsp of ginger,garlic and green chilli paste ,asafoetida a pinch,salt to taste ,half tsp of turmeric and garam masala powder ,mix everything together and keep aside,knead dough the similar way its done for kachodis,add half tsp of oil while kneading the dough,..fill in the dal mixture ghujia style ,for ghujia design refer this post, make the cover for fara the same way its done for Ghujia prepared during holi,heat water in vessel,once water starts boiling add the dal filled Faras in boiling water for half an hour,keep turning the faras,add few drops of oil in the vessel,once done remove from flame and serve with green chutney this is steamed Fara,...for fried version heat half tsp of oil in non stick wok,add curry leaves and mustard seeds once they start spluttering add sliced faras and fry till brown from both sides.,..had fried fara at clinic with nescafe cappuchino,..combo was perfect for delhi winters,...
Whole wheat pasta with meat ball and Fara goes to Truptis

event is
Fara also goes to SRILEKHAS blog where she is hosting EFM Savouries Event
will be back frens with some treats in yellow,..till then ceeu all,...bye,...:-)...