Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aloo paratha tamatar chutney ke sath,,.

I have shared parathas recipe with subji,pickle,curd,jalebi and so many other things but forgot to share with you all the most yummy combo of Parathas with tamatar chutney,this sweet chutney is my favourite here goes the recipe of
Tamatar chutney
recipe source my mother
preparation time 10 mins
cooking time 15 to 20 mins
tomatoes 400gm
salt as per taste
grated ginger half tsp
red chili powder half tsp
jaggery 150gm
one fourth tsp cumins seeds
one fourth tsp fennel seeds
one fourth tsp fenugreek seeds
one fourth tsp onion seeds
dried red chili two to three
oil to cook
In a non stcik wok add one tbsp of oil
once the oil is hot lower the flame and add all the seeds and dried red chili
once they start spluttering add coarsely chopped tomatoes followed by grated ginger,salt and red chili powder
once the tomatoes are half done and jaggery and keep stirring on low flame till the mixture dries up.

Delhi is known for Paranthe Wali Gali in Chandni Chowk which is known for all kind of Parathas Platter , this platter of paratha with tamatar chutney is my entry for the event celebrating delhi ka khana,
heres interesting post on Chandni Chowks Paranthe wali Gali
Pamela of eat and dust has shared some posts of street food of old delhi here
thats all frens,,u guys tk cre,.will catch up with u all soon ,,till thn happy blogging,..