Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Nigellas Chicken Curry with Plain Naan

Not always i feel like preparing elaborate meal,most of the time its simple day to day meal like dal,chapati,veg sabzi and rice.Few days back whiile browsing through recipes for Naan on internet ,i thought of trying this recipe, paired it with Mughlai Chicken  from Nigellas Feast cookook.The version below is my adaptation of the original recipe.

For Chicken Curry
ingredient needed
chicken 300gm
ginger garlic paste two tbsp
onion three chopped
tomato one chopped
yogurt half cup
cream one tbsp
salt as per taste
pinch of sugar
oil to cook
garam masala one tsp
red chili powder half tsp
cumin powder half tsp
coriander powder half tsp
bay leaves two
clove three
cardamom pod two
cinnamon stick one crushed
heat oil in wok,lower the flame and shallow fry the chicken pieces and keep aside.
mix red chili powder,cumin powder and coriander powder in ginger garlic paste and keep aside.

In the same wok add bay leaves ,clove ,cardamom and cinnamon stick
once they start to splutter add chopped onion,tomato followed by
masala mixed ginger garlic paste.
keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
add yogurt and mix everything together
let it simmer for a minute or two
add fried chicken pieces,salt ,sugar and garam masala
keep stirring add few drops of water and cover and cook
or pressure cook for two to three whistles
before serving mix cream and let it simmer for a minute.
Serve warm with naan or rice.
Pictorial for Plain Naan
baking temperature 150 degee centigrade
baking time 4 to 6 mins

Event entry
Naan is off for Cooking with seeds Nigella Seeds hosted by Taste of pearl city started by Priya of Easy and Tasty recipes and to yeast spotting event and bake off event hosted by versatile vegetatian kitchen.
Chicken curry is off for Show me your curry event hosted by Divya of Dilse
have updated my craft blog with name board for Advays Room,;-)
thats all guys cee u all soon,..happy blogging and week ahead.