Sunday, May 03, 2009

Moroccan Rice Pudding

Never thought could prepare kheer in Badam milk,when i saw the recipe of Moroccan Rice Pudding in my mediterranean cookbook i thought of giving it a try,preparation is quiet simple and easy,..i have varied the ingredient depending on my need ,the measurement below is the exact measurement given in the book,

ingredient needed

25gm blanched almonds chopped

450gm pudding rice

25gm icing sugar

7.5cm cinnamom stick

50gm butter

pinch of salt

1.5ml almond essence

175ml milk


Step 1 to extract the Badam milk

Put the almonds in the food processor with 4 tbsp of hot water,process and push through a sieve in a bowl,return to the blender ,add further 4 tbsp of hot water and process again.Push through the sieve into a sauce pan.

Step 2

add 300ml water to the almond milk and bring to a boil,add rice,sugar,cinnamon and half the butter,salt,almond essence and half the milk.

Step 3

Bring to boil,then simmer,covered for 30 minutes,adding more milk if necessary.

Continue to cook the rice ,stirring and adding the remaining milk until it becomes thick and creamy.

Step 4

Pour the rice pudding into a serving bowl, and serve warm or if desired chilled.

Advays summer break is on before time because of the summer,temperature is the same ,its like sitting in a heated room,...:-),hope u guys doing great,,wish u all happy weekend,catch u all soon,...:-)