Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thali with some traditional recipes and some new one :-)

Yesterday morning when i got hurt by dresser drawer and broke a mug i had this thought in mind how the whole day gonna be,had lotz to do,some shopping,lotz of cooking and in between running after Advay,but i guess god heard my prayers, Advay slept after his lunch so i had ample time to do the cooking .
It took me five hours to prepare the spread ,the first thing i did in the morning was to plan Menu.

Must prepare items were Fara,Thekua, Sooji Halwa and Poori and i was going to prepare Fara,Thekua and Sooji Halwa for the first time,

so u guys can imagine my condition,i had recipe,thanks to my mother and mil but both  the recipes need different technique.I just closed my eyes ,took a deep breath and went ahead with the preparation.
The below pic has Dahi wada,Sooji Halwa and Coconut Barfi which hubby prepared for my Sargi.

For the karwa chauth thali i preparedpoori, paneer kofta,pudina chutney ,dahi wada by six pm i was dead tired.

After winding up cooking i started with the preparation for Karwa Chauth Pooja.

Chowk is prepared to place the Karwas.

In the earthen karwa water and batasha is kept
In the steel karwa poori,thekua,halwa and beaten rice is kept
seven sticks are kept in each karwa.
On a betel leaf Gaur and Ganesha are kept
On another betel leaf sun and moon shape is kept prepared from rice dough

After reading Karwa Chauth story ,

water is offered  to moon and fast is broken.
Recipes link
Fara recipe blogged here and here
Thekua recipe blogged here
Dahi wada recipe blogged here
Pudina chutney recipe blogged here
For Sooji Halwa/Semolina Halwa
Ingredient needed
Sooji one cup
sugar as per tase
ghee three tbsp
saffron strands a pinch
Heat ghee in non stick wok
lower the flame and roast the rava
once it starts changing colour
add water and keep stirring
add sugar and saffron strands
 and keep stirring
till water is absorbed .
remove from flame and
serve warm.
Mehendi which i applied for Karwa Chauth can be viewed here
Event Entry
Fara and Thekua are off for CFK - Festive Foods 
Festive Karwachauth thali is off for Only Festive Event,
 started by Pari and hosted this month by Khaugiri
Thats all friends,cee u all soon
happy blogging.