Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chicken Kebabs perfect for winters

Neha prepared today kebabs in Oven,i thought she must have added lotz of ingredient as the kababs were really delicious,but i was wrong as the kababs preparation was very simple and with readily avaialble ingredients so if u wann prepare Kababs which just melts in your mouth here goes the recipe
recipe source Neha my sister

Ingredient needed
chicken 200gm
Ingredient needed for the marination
curd half cup
salt and pepper as per taste
kastoori methi one tsp
orange food colour
one tbsp of ginger,garlic and green chili
grated cheese half cup
sugar half tsp
red chili powder as per taste
oil one tsp
mix everything together and keep aside

preheat the oven for 10 mins at 150 degree centrigrade
marinate chicken and keep aside for 10 nutes
grill for 10 mins 200 degree centigrade
For Kabab masala
kasoori methi
chat masala
red chili powder
mix everything together and sprinke on kebabs before serving.
Serve kababs with onion,chili and lemon wedges.

Enjoy the platter frens,ceeu all soon,happy weekend an dhappy bloggin,..