Tuesday, November 15, 2011

weekend cooking - Chola Chawal

 Chola Chawal  is one of the many other street food  sold on the handcart  on the roadside in Delhi, priced at a nominal  rate of Rs 20 per plate many people can be seen standing and eating on the roadside,i dont know any famous chola chawal stall which i can recommend but i guess for people staying in Delhi they must be having their own favourite stall :-)
,this weekend i thought of preparing the same for lunch ,
recipe is  inspired from Nita Mehtas book paired the curry  with plain rice ,onion and pickle.

Recipe name Chana Masala
Recipe source Nita Mehta Cookbook
preparation time half hour
cooking time half hour
Ingredeint for boiling chickpea
overnight soaked and drained Chickpeas 350gm
salt one tsp
soda bi carb one tsp
tea bags two
black cardamom five
cinnamon two pieces
Presure cook chickpeas with the above ingredient
once done ,drain and reseve the liquid
remove the teabags,
and the keep the chickpeas aside.
Ingredient for the curry
onion four chopped finely
tomato three chopped finely
ginger half inch chopped finely
dried red chili four
pomegranate seeds one tbsp powdered
oil to cook
red chili powder one and a half tsp
coriander powder one tsp
garam masala one tbsp
heat oil in non stick wok ,add onions
keep frying till the onions turn brown
add pomegranate seeds and keep stirring
followed by dried red chili,tomato and ginger
add salt and the powdered masala
keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
add drained chickpea and mix everything together
add the reserved liquid and let it simmer for five minutes
serve warm with rice,onion and lashoda pickle.
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