letters for Advay

after peshawar attack december 2014
a gift january 2015
no one wished me january 2015
on being independent january 2015
digital detoxification january 2015
its okay to dip paratha in curry january 2015
dream on january 2015
pizza party day january 2015
why coffee february 2015
its never too late to learn march 2015
you feel the pain too march 2015
lego as ram march 2015
speed dating april 2015
your first trip june 2015
summer memories in lyon july 2015
lego story september 2015
the parents teacher meeting which i knew  february 2016
the new you march 2016
heartfelt sorry november 2016
curry is good for soul february 2017
soupy letter february 2017
now that you love dal chawal august 2017
and you were back august 2017

Dear Advay ,
I wrote the letters listed above whenever I was moved by something which you did or whenever life thought me something about parenting because all the instances are memorable for me so these letters
So that whenever you read them you will remember your muumy .

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