Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Announcing food event Shadi ki Thali

Days are flying quiet fast,and these days i am really busy packing Saree
,arranging my sis suitcase,writing invitation card
and doing so many other chores related to marriage,in other words i am enjoying shopping for sarees,bangles and that too from lajpat nagar,chandni chowk,karol bagh these are the shops where u will get everything related to marraige and tomorrow i have to go to lajpat nagar again to search for my sis wedding dupatta,i mean i have to take her lehenga Saree and match dupatta with the lehenga and then give it for designing,huh,..so u guys can cee how busy i am :-)
marriage is on 26th June so still a month left but hundreds of things to do,.with marriage on my mind ,i thought of taking u guys on a joy ride too,frens i invite you all to participate in my own event Shadi ki Thali
,as i am really curious to know what special delicacies is prepared in your native during marriage ceremonies which is a must,yes we have some recipes too which i will be sharing with u guys after the shadi,but you guys can start sending me delicacies which can be anything,i will be glad if u can send me whole platter in thali
but if u want to share one or two recipes u can send that too,..any special ritual which is particular in your native i will be glad to know,.so guys what are u waiting for join me in this special event specially for my sis ,i haven't told her about this,its gona be a surprise for her .
Guidelines for the event
prepare anything which is specially prepared during marriage ceremonies in your native
publish it in your blog and link it back to the announcement page
mail me your entries with post url and pic at stillnotyet100@gmail.com by 30th of June
and ya i will be happy to receive entries from non bloggers too.