Friday, January 06, 2012

Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing for Potluck Party

date 31st december 2011
event  potluck dinner at my friends place

what i prepared baked - 24 cupcakes

and iced them and decorated them
recipe name Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla icing
recipe of cupcakes blogged here

recipe of Vanilla icing
ingredient adapted for 24 cupcakes
unsalted butter one fourth cup
icing sugar one cup
vanilla essence one tsp
milk two tbsp
colour to tint icing - pink ,blue,yellow,green and orange

how i did
beat butter and vanilla essence in a bowl
add sugar slowly and keep beating
till the mixture is creamy in consistency
add milk slowly and beat till
mixture can be spread easily
divide the icing into five different part
tint the icing into different colour,keep aside
once the cupcakes have cooled down
spread the icing on each cupcakes
sprinkle sprinklers and edible silver balls
and leave to set.

and after few  minutes  indulge ;-)
thats all guys,wish you all Happy Weekend
take care and Happy Blogging.