Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Besan Halwa - to drive away the blues

Since past few weeks we had been very busy as my parents were here that's the reason I couldn't blog ,today after finishing the morning chores thought of writing this post ,sharing with you recipe of Besan Halwa which my mother had prepared when she was here which we relished like anything and thus asked her to prepare once more before she left for India she prepared halwa without using any measurement  so I called her up and  asked her approximate measurement

Recipe name Besan HalwaIngredient
Besan/Chickpea Flour one cup
Ghee three fourth cup
Sugar one and a half cup
Dryfruit to garnish one tbsp. almond
In a non stick pan add five tbsp. of ghee and roast the chickpea flour till it starts changing colour once it becomes slightly brown add water and stir nicely to remove lumps .After five minutes add sugar and stir nicely. serve warm garnished with dry fruits.
so yesterday when I was feeling desolate after they left  I had some of this perfect way to drive away the blues.

and also compiled my poems in a note book that's the way I felt better ,

what you guys do when you are feeling blue ?
btw I write poems 
read book
listen to my fav songs
 that's all for now ,will catch up with you all soon
take care and happy blogging.