Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blueberry Something and Fries with Cheese

Its JINXED i know,i can never bake anything perfect with blueberries
:-( this is my second attempt ,first time i tried baking muffins but the centre was all underccoked this time i started baking cookies thats what the recipe was but the end result didnt look like cookies at all u guys can see infact i dont know what to call this,..
to make it more appealing to hubby served with fresh cream topped with crushed blueberries,..
Today it rained like anything since morning,since hubby is on call today i thought of setteling down for fries instead of bhaji/pakodas/fritters,so took out frozen fries from the fridge,pan fried,topped it with mozarella cheese ,chili flakes,black pepper and salt and satisfied my craving,..

and ya special thanks to 96.3 FM Singapores one and only radio channel which plays hindi nos daily from 5pm to 8pm,,,this really made my evening :-) book i read today The greatness guide book 2 by Robin Sharma ,thats all frens,,,u guys take cre ,..cee u all soon,..