Wednesday, February 04, 2009

thoda thoda khatta thoda thoda teekha chola kulche ke sath or babycorn salad hai saath

Its been a very long time since i prepared chickpea in my kitchen so today when i got the opportunity again to experiment in kitchen thanks to Advays afternoon nap,i thought of preparing chickpea curry,salad and ginger rice  ,though i have tried sindhi style and punjabi style and have my own chola recipe i wanted to try something different this time,,something which is spicy and tangy too,..i could imagine the taste while i was thinking what to add and what not,..sounds strange na,..i know but thats how i cook whenever i am experimenting,..:-)most of the time i start the tadka with cumin seeds but this time i thought of going ahead without them,and ya for the first time i used chola masala so the ingredient needed for
khatta and teekha chola curry-
boiled chickpea two cup
onion three chopped
garlic six cloves chopped
ginger one inch chopped
salt to taste
red chili powder one tsp
catch chola masala three tsp
cloves half tsp
black pepper half tsp
dried red chili three
bay leave two crushed
black cardamom two
tamarind pulp two tbsp
heat one tbsp oil in non stick wok
once oil is hot lower the flame and add clove,black pepper,red chili,crushed bay leaves and black cardamom,
once they start spluttering add chopped ginger,garlic followed by onion
keep frying till onions start changing their colour,once done add catch chole masala and red chili powder
fry further till oil is seen along the sides,now add tamarind pulp and fry further for a minute,.
add boiled chickpea and mix well with the masala
once done add one cup of water and cover and cook
remove from flame and serve hot s with kulcha or pulao
i served with ready made kulcha and ginger rice and salad
Ginger rice-
for ginger rice heat one tsp oil in non stick wok,add half tsp of cumin seeds once they start spluttering add one tbsp of grated ginger,once ginger starts changing colour add cooked rice and fry to mix well ,once done add orange colour and mix properly to attain uniformity.
for Salad
steam chopped mushroom and babycorn in microwave for two minutes,once done drain and keep aside,mix salt,pepper,chopped lemon leaves and chopped tomato ,toss well and serve chilled,guys thanks to my memory loss i have really forgotten what these herbs are known as they have lemon like flavour,when i bought them yesterday i saw the name but as soon as i reached the home i was blank,..:-(do let me know if u guys know the other name of these leaves...
Hubby is big fan of chola curry and i knew he was missing chola since  long time because at one particular time before our marriage chola curry with rice    was his regular meal so tangy and spicy chola curry is dedicated to him , chola curry  off to Alka of sindhi rasoi where she is on with Just for you event.
  Lakshmi is on with SWC salad where she is asking everyone to prepare quick and healthy salad within 15 minutes so steamed salad is off to her space
Chola bhatura combo is famous pair but chola also goes equally well with rice too, i am sending  Khatta and teekha chola curry with ginger rice combo to made for each other event hosted by Asvadha.
this whole platter is off for Lores Original recipe event ,..
Created mobile pouch specially for my sis to gift her on valentines day,...:-) this one goes to my own event Cook and create with luv for luv
thats all frens cee u all soon,..:-)happy bloggin,...:-)
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 so tangy and spicy chola curry is the fifth one i tried :-)