Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rosemary flavoured chicken and grilled capsicum pasta

When i saw Chicken and roasted capsicum pasta  at Somas space,i knew that i will give the recipe a try and thats what i did together with fresh baked wholemeal bread and pepper flavoured chicken drumstick soup combo was heaven for me,,..Thanks to Soma for choosing such yummy and easy pasta from Donna Hay for the event,i followed her same basic recipe except for few changes,i added yellow capsicum too and flavoured chicken with dried rosemary leaves and ya instead of basil and oregano i have used fresh lime leaves.
So my version of Rosemary flavoured Chicken and roasted capsicum pasta is off for Hay Hay its Donna day 26th edition hosted by Soma of ecurry and started by Bron .

Need ur help frens i am not able to add pictures and links in google docs are u guys also facing the same problem or its just me do let me know any other place where i can edit documents and pulish them directly to blogger apart from google docs,please leave me suggestion in comment section or mail me on stillnotyet100@gmail.com.
and ya before i forget let me introduce u to new members in our family ,i am against keeping pets at home be it anyone but Pallavi my younger sis gave me and Advay sweet surprise of these two cute birds,..
recipe of whole meal bun and chicken soup i will be blogging in next post,till then take care and keep blogging and rocking ,i have viva and presentation on 4th of april so gng to prepare for that,..:-) its hard to study after 3 yrs and with so many distractions and ya Advays one week break is also on,..so u guys can imagine my condition,..;-)chalo tk cre,..ceeu all soon,...