Thursday, February 26, 2009

Roundup of Cook and Create With Luv for Luv

Thanks a ton friends for sending such yummy and creative entries for the event,..and making Cook and Create for luv with luv event a great success,..without your creative entires roundup wouldnt have been possible  ,and ya thanks for Celebating This fun event with me , was fun hosting my own event for the first time all thanks to Lakshmi and Priti AND Purva for making me that confident by GIVING ME the opportunity  to host their own event,..thanks fren,..
To start with the roundup first entry is of Lavanya of cookery corner who has shared recipe of Baked Vegetable cutlet
which look healthy and yummy and have the perfect heart shape ,i am drooling looking at the pic Lavanya,thanks for sending them over.
Easy Craft of simple indian food has added colours to the event by sending two cute entries and i loved both of them ec,her first entry is of Carrot halwa
garnished with khoya and dryfruits and her second entry is of Kesari sheera ,Little hearts in pink garnished with cashewnuts.
Asha of aroma hope has joined in the celebration with easy to make no bake heart shape cookies and they look so yum that i just feel like picking one from the screen.
Sweatha of Tasty Curry Leaf has sent Chocolate Truffles
which are luxorious Chocolate bite made from creamy mix of Chocolate and Cream,she has also shared different ways to prepare Chocolate Truffles,thanks for such an informative post Sweatha.
Shama of Easy to cook recipes has sent Crispy Vermicelli Potato Cutlet  which are new for me,..specially the inclusion of vermicelli in the cutlets,..thanks Shama for such creative entry.
Priya of Easy and Tasty Recipe has sent four delicious entries for the event
her first entry is Eggless Dates and Maple syrup apple cake is healthy too as she has reduced the quantity of sugar by replacing sugar with date an maple syrup,...umm..feel like trying this one Priya,,:-)
her second entry is of easy to prepare Brownies in Microwave
and she has given heart shape to the brownies together with rose it looks perfect for the event,..
her third entry is Eggless Pineapple and Riccota Cheese Cake which is her own creative experiment and she also shares in her post the benefit of Pineapple do hop in at her space for info on pineapple,..
her fourth entry is Eggless Cornmeal and Cranberries Cake
which are perfect for breakfast with hot cofee,..wish i could taste own Priya,...:-)
Sowmya my friend from Singapore has joined in the celebration with Minty fritters
which are healthy too as she has baked them and they look so cute together,..and perfect snack with tea or cofee,..
Srilekha of Me and My Kitchen has sent Doodh Peda
for the event which can be prepared in microwave,...this is new for me,...thanks Srilekha,..
Vidhas of Appetizing recipes joins in the celebration with easy to prepare Milk Burfi
and ya she celebrates her 100th post too in the same post,,,,wish u many more celebration Vidhas.
Cham of Spice Club needs no intoduction i am following her blog since the day i started blogging,she has joined in the celebration with Savoury Palmiers better known as little hearts,,..loved ur click Cham and ya the savouries too,...
Discovered so many new bloggers because of the event one of them is Swapna Pravin of tiffin room,she has sent Sugar cookies
for the event and what a click Swapna looks so perfect and the pink colour looks perfect for the event,...
Divya of Easy Cooking has sent delicious looking really Divya i am droolin over ,..ya i am back she has sent Heart shaped Chocolate Cake
and also shared some interseting links for frosting the cake,,...thnks Divya for step by step instruction for beginners like me in baking this post gonna help a lot,..
I remember reading about Marshmallows in peanuts but never knew could prepare them at home too thanks to Madhumathi of Madhus food journal who shared detailed recipe of preparing marshmallows
at home and ya she has prepared her own cookie cutter too,..,,.and what a presentation,..together with Hot Chocolate,..perfect,..wish i could take one sip,..:-)
Poornima of Tasty Treats has added colour to the event by sending yummylicious Mango Cheese Cake
,topped with strawberries,,,,lovely presentation Poornima,..
Yasmeen of health nut celebrates her wedding anniversary with Strawberry Cobbler and orange carrot frozen yogurt
,...combo looks so delicious ,and wish u many more celebrations like this Yasmeen
Varsha of the Will of the wisp has sent quick and easy to prepare Microwve Brownies
which looks totally yum,....
Sukanya of Sukanyas Musing has sent delicious looking Rava Kesari
which is all time favourite of her daughter
Poonam of Poonams kitchen has sent Eggless Chocolate Carrot Cake
prepared specially for her daughter on Valentines day..cute presentation Poonam,..
My friend Lakshmi from Singapore has added flavour to the event with sweet Jackfruit and Banana Halwa
,Halwa looks so delicious Lakshmi and she also created cute flowers with Jackfruits.
Soma of Ecurry has sent Angels Delight which is a version of pousse cafe an unmixed mixed drink, prepared specially for her by her hubby ,i am sure u must have enjoyed the drink Soma,..
Sukanya of hot and sweet bowl has sent Cranberry Shortbread Cookies
for the event and she has given  heart shape and added dried  red cranberries making them perfect for the event
and the HEART PARADE doesnt stop here Mahima of spiceetc has joined in the celebration with Pistachio Kalakand
which are tempting me to pick one from screen,...
Rekha of Plaintain leaf has sent Shahi tukda
and they do look shahi topped with Rabdi
Indrani of Appyayan has sent authentic bengali egg curry prepared specially for her hubby on Valentines day
 also known as Dimer Jhol 
Supriya of Queen of my kitchen has sent Delicious cake 
baked by her five year daughter Neeraja she specially prepared the cake for her mother on Valentines day
Preeti of Khaugiri has sent Breakfast platter
prepared specially by her hubby on Valentines day morning,LUCKY U,...
Archana of Archys recipes has sent Chocolate sweet heart eggless cookies
prepared specially for her hubby and ya she designed cookie cutter too herself
Sushma of Savi ruchi has Halasina Mulka
in simple words deep fried jackfruit sweet prepared specially for her hubby
Lubna of Kitchen flavours surprised her hubby with yummy combo Moong dal khichdi and pudina chutney , simple yet so divine,...
Aquadaze has sent Pecan butter cake with caramelised butter frosting ,DRESSED with red roses look perfect for the event Aquadaze,thanks for sending such yummy entry
and finally my own entries for the event not droolworthy though but prepared with lotz of luv ,my first attempt at baking
Colourful mobile pouches for my younger sisters Pallavi and Neha

finally accept this virtual red rose
from me as token of gratitude for making this event SUCCESSFUL :-) WILL be back soon till then enjoy.