Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Celebrating Rain with platter of Nectarine Coconut Pound Cake and Ginger Tea

Rain always reminds me of sizzling hot onion fritters with steaming cup of  hot tea
Rain always reminds me of the small paper boats which we used to float during our childhood days
Rain always reminds me of the rainy day due to which our school had to be closed
Rain always reminds me of the Shri Krishna Janmashtami stories which Dadi used to tell us,
Rain always reminds of the chicken roll sold at commercial street in bangalore and my college freinds
Rain always reminds me of roasted bhutta sold on the streets of Delhi
Rain always reminds me of the beautiful nos like Rimjhim rimjhim and ,.
Rain always,...
if i go on i know the list will never end ...;-)
today noon when it started drizzling and when hubby told that he will be back home early i had the perfect reason to bake this perfect looking Nectarine Coconut Pound Cake ,most of the time its fritters or soemdeep fried goodie but today was cake day :-)
i have varied the quantitiy of ingredient
for the original recipe please check here
Recipe name Nectarine Coconut Pound Cake
baking temperature - i started with 150 degree centi and then after 5 mins lowered to 120 degree centi
baking time 15 mins
nectarine chopped 1
all purpose flour half cup
dessicated coconut one fourth cup
powdered brown sugar three fouth cup
vanilla essence half tsp
egg one
unsalted butter half cup

preheat oven to 150 degree centigrade
prepare a cake tin and keep aside
cream the butter and sugar together till fluffy
add vanilla extract and mix everything together
add egg beat well
add all purpose flour and dessicated coconut
and gently mix everything together
pour the batter in the prepared pan
arrange the nectarine slices on the batter
and bake till skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.

Served the cake with ginger tea ,i am going to bake this cake again ,i luved the taste of baked nectarine 
This platter of sliced pound cake with tea is joining the party at Anitas space where she is hosting
Tea Party ,theres good news deadline has been extended to 15th september,..;-)
Nectarine Coconut Pound Cake also joins Weekly Bake Off event at Champas space,..
Thats all guys cee you all soon,..till thn happy blogging...;-)