Friday, November 20, 2009

warm posta halwa with some warm memories

Since past few months my mother was staying with us, somehow had got used to of her,I know it was difficult for her to stay here in delhi but still she compromised because of my training ,such is the love of mothers don’t you guys think so, the day she had to leave for hometown she prepared favourite delicacies for everyone, she prepared nimki and thekua for Advay , mathri for neha and Posta halwa for me ,whole day she spent in the kitchen preparing these delicacies.
Now whenever I open the fridge and reheat the halwa I am reminded of her and her unconditional love ,specially prepared for me I don’t get bored eating this delicacy again and again every evening and this one bowl of halwa gives me much warmth specially during cold evenings.
Recipe of Posta halwa is already blogged here.

Recipe of Nimki and Mathri can be found here,…
Recipe of Thekua is blogged here
Thanks ma we miss you lotz ,take care of yourself,..