Tuesday, January 13, 2015

how I started digital detoxification - open letter for Advay 4

Dear Advay,
Yesterday I tried something new with you or you can say with myself ,when I sat with you to teach you I kept my phone away with the mute button on, this was necessary I think so that I could give you full attention while teaching so while you were doing your homework I was studying French.
I enjoyed the silence and peace ,there was no beep of whts app, no ring of call on viber ,face time or Skype .I was not checking the twitter feed or pinterest boards and ya in those two hours you never told me that "Mummy while I am studying you are busy messaging or doing things on phone ",those two hrs were just for us irrespective of whatever is happening in the outside world, we enjoyed home and the company .Thanks Advay for making me realise that I won't lose anything if I am away from phone .I enjoyed the solitude.It was like those childhood days when the only mode of entertainment was television ,now I know that rules should be for us too not only for kids .This was one of the resolution to stay away from phone for few hours and I am so glad that I started .So Advay mummy  going to be offline specially when I am with you at home and ya I am loving it.
With lots of love
p.s. The above pic was taken in narrow streets of Venice Italy in December 2014
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