Wednesday, April 11, 2012

two potatoes ,three onions and a thali to share

day had been quiet busy,still i had managed to complete all the chores and was breathing in and out for few mins sitting on the couch with my favourite book and a cup of filter coffee  when my siesta was broken by the sudden ring of the cell phone,hubby was on the line
me -yes tel me ,
hubby- he is coming 
me- comin who ?
hubby- i told you right my friend would be coming for dinner ,he will be home by 6 pm
me --but he hadnt comfirmed right
hubby he just did..
me-uhh  oky.
this was the conversation which we had the week we had to leave for India .I didnt had anything in my pantry except for two potatoes,three onions,green peas in the freeze and soaked chickpeas which i had soaked for our own consumption.Dazed and shocked and with no menu plan in my mind i entered kitchen,breathed in and out and planned the menu,i just had four hours ,it was already 2pm when i got the call,i had to tidy the living room where advays toys,books and other things were kept and ya two suitcases too as we had to leave the next day.Since i had soaked chickpeas ,i stuck to the original plan of preparing Chola Curry,thought of pairing it with Bhatura,Aloo Matar Ghughni,Onion tomato kachumber,Pulao with dried fruits and for sweet dish Kheer.

Now this was not easy ,i knew i had to multitask ,i kept the soaked garbanzo beans for boiling,and kneaded the dough for bhatura,kept it for fermentation,

prepared curry for the chickpea,once boiled mixed the curry with boiled chickpea and pressure cooked again for one whistle.

Next was Allo Matar Ghughni ,i fried the matar and potato and pressure cooked for a whistle and kept aside

.Cooked rice in microwave for 15mins and kept aside and started with kheer preparation,once kheer was done

 ,tidied the room and started with tea preparation.By 6pm everythin was ready except Bhatura .Ya i was tired but then this was an experience which i never gonna forget ,..:-)
Recipe of Chola Curry Blogged here
for Pulao with dry fruits

Cooked rice two cup
onion half chopped 
cumin seeds half tsp
cinnamon crushed one fourth inch
bay leaves crushed two
green cardamom crushed two
salt as per taste 
ghee one tbsp
fried cashed to garnish 
raisin to garnish 
heat ghee in kadhai/wok
once hot lower the flame and add dried seeds
followed by chopped onion 
keep stirring till onion browns
add the cooked rice and mix everything together
serve warm garnished with fried cashew and raisin.

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