Friday, October 08, 2010

This one is about those golden days which wont come back again

Sitting here in Singapore i miss the decked up chowkis
and the ramlila and ram barat and the colourful galies
i miss the arrivals of the cousins for the festival
and the frequent trip to mela,temples & mandaps
those sleepless nights in anticipation of next day
early morning we would cram in car in our night dress
Morning we would be so excited to cee the chowkis
And to eat breakfast of kachodi kachodi  sabzi and jalebi
i miss those beautiful  nine days
when we would fast ,feast and celebrate
when we would eat chaat everyday
and get excited again the next day
miss the aroma of dal poori with kaduu sabzi
and to end the platter dish of sweet sweet phirni
those were the days when we were too innocent
when our life revolved around dolls, stories and games
feel lucky and blessed to witness something
which i dont know future generation will see again
those were the days when Dusshera meant excitement for us
i am trying to do the same here in my own small way.,...

Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Navratri/Durga Puja
Link of Phalahar Recipes

Drink and Light Meal for Vrat

Gulabi Lassi
Malai wali Lassi
Watermelon shake with almond
Fresh Fruit Salad
Phalahar Sabudana Khichdi
Fried potato chips with tea
Aloo tikiya with curd

Phalahar Curry/Sabzi

Phalahar Paneer Sabzi
Phalahar Potato & Tomato Sabzi

Navami Thali /Navratri Phalahar Thali

Thali with singhare ki poori ,phalahar aloo and makhana kheer
Thali with buckwheat flour poori,phalahar aloo & banana milkshake
Thali with samak rice, bottlegourd pudding,potato curry
Thali with tea, fried makhana and peanuts,sago papad,orange and potato bhaji
  Thali with Kuttu paratha ,potato bhaji and sago kheer

Sweet Dish

Mango Shrikhand

Navratri Rangoli

Thats all frens,enjoy the festival,..:-)
cee u all soon,..