Thursday, March 08, 2012

Mathri and Namkin for Holi Festival

Some two decades back when i was kid ,todays night ie Holi Eve was full of zeal for us,we would wait patiently for the warm ghujias ,which would be lined on a tray ,munching them slowly on our way for the Holika Dahan,after the ritual we would greet everyone Happy Festival ,

those were the days,now sitting here as i write this post i am nostalgic ,i am missing those days when i was too naive to understand anything,too immature to say just anything without understanding the impact,
too busy in my own world to live in the moment
back in India everyone must be getting ready for Holika Dahan,
Sometimes i feel how boring and monotonus life would have been if there were no festivals,as festivals are something which bind us to our culture and our traditions.

Many delicacies are prepared for the festival i have already blogged about Ghujia ,todays post i will be sharing pics of Mathri and Namkin for the festival.

Recipe of Mathri and Namkin is Blogged here
Recipe of Baked Namkin Blogged here
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Thats all friends,wish you all happy festival
take care and happy blogging.