Tuesday, March 31, 2015

healthy food for fasting - Chaitra Navratri

Navratri is over ,I like festivals as they add glitz to our normal monotonous days, we prepare good food ,dress up ,deck up our home and in other words add colours to our black and white life. If you have been following my blog you must be knowing what I prepared for the fasting on first day, for the Ashthami fast didn't feel like cooking the whole meal
For breakfast had fried faux nut and chai /tea

 so instead just had fried potato topped with beaten curd and green tea for dinner .

For Lunch
I had got coconut flavoured yogurt which is readily available in the supermarkets here ,just whisked it with the help of spoon and topped it with dried cranberries and blueberries.

Last post I had written a small poem on Ramnavami Festival
 I know my writing is pretty bad so sharing it again here

You are out of reach
And Transcendence
And during festivals
Its sheer joy for us .
As we get to celebrate
The divinity around us.
So thanks for such
Beautiful days
When we are
Engulfed in
Sweet madness
To fast, feast
And celebrate
As it adds
 new meaning
To a normal day.

Sharing the pic of Sukha Kala Chana ,Poori and Halwa

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Recipe of Sukha Kala Chana blogged here
Recipe of Sooji Halwa blogged here
Recipe of phalahar alloo blogged here
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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Finally the lego pic for Advay - open letter for Advay 13

Dear Advay ,
Few weeks back I was showing your father the pictures on Instagarm and telling him about the likes ,you were sitting there listening to our conversation suddenly you started crying on asking you told me that I have just put picture of croissant and coffee which  I got from outside taken a pic and posted on Instagram and got so many likes but when you made helicopter with Lego blocks at Mausis house  in India no one praised you .That day I had cooked Chicken biryani for dinner and you were so distraught that you were not letting me take place picture of it.That was lesson for me to not show off myb poem and pictures in front of you an that day I promised you that you will make something with Lego I will take picture of it and post it a.Today morning you asked me again that I had not taken pic of Lego toys ,today being Ram Navami I asked you to make lord Ram with Lego and you made so as promised sharing the pic with the letter.

Sorry Advay we all praised  you that day but you compared it with the likes on Instagram post .
Happy ramnavami
Poem is written by me and the Lego toy made by Advay.

Friday, March 27, 2015

its never late to learn - open letter for Advay 12

Dear Advay ,
Even before we reached Lyon I had few things on my bucket list which I wanted to do and I am glad that I got the opportunity to do too. Before enrolling for the classes I had few inhibitions language was a problem because I was beginner in French still I went ahead and enrolled because I had the zeal to learn .I felt what if I am the oldest there am I too late to learn something at this phase of my life but when I went for the class and saw ladies aged seventy plus learning art I was amazed here I was feeling embarrassed to learn something new I was more shocked when I met teacher for the French class he must be seventy plus but the zeal with which he teaches is something which I never seen .You must be thinking why I am telling you this that's because whenever you feel like learning any thing new just go for it son as age has nothing to do with it its all in our mind as long as we are enjoying it .

So ya this lesson I learnt from life which I am passing to you because I know one day when you will read this you will now what I am trying to tell you ,have to learn a lot son time is flying wish had few more hours sigh that is another story.I spent one part of my life doing things which others told me to do but now want to do things which I love to do son .
Bise avec love

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Navratri Celebration & food to drive away the blue

Its that time of the year again when we celebrate Navratri and worship for 9 days Goddess Durga .

Just like every year I am nostalgic and home sick which I take out by cooking the food prepared during the festival did the same this year too for breakfast had Faux nut seeds fried and seasoned with rock salt & and; pepper
Dinner was Kuttu Poori with fried potato and curd.
Food is something which always comforts me and helps me in driving the blue away .

For Kuttu/Buckwheat Flour Poor
Kuttu flour two cup
Boiled potato one
Rock salt as per Taste
Oil to cook
Water to knead the dough
In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients together
Knead to mix smooth dough
divide the dough into equal sized discs
Flatten and keep aside,
Heat oil in wok
Put the flattened disc in butter paper
And flatten it further till poori shape is there
Slowly place in the oil
Fry till its brown from both sides.
Drain and serve warm with fried potato and curd.
Festival time we like to indulge too and if you in that kind of mood then try fresh fruits with cream
This we had on a normal day so topped it with muesli for fasting just layer fruits and cream in a bowl and relish it .

That's all friends
Take care and happy blogging
Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Navratri
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

cooked to relish meal of spinach pulao and aubergine fritters with raita

Day before Yesterday I spoke about cooking something different on Instagram this post is about that dish which I cooked for the dinner this is not something which I prepare daily something for which I went out of my comfort zone as I didn't feel like preparing chapathi thanks to my back pain so thought of cooking spinach pulao for dinner paired it with aubergine fritter and onion tomato raita ya loved this simple yet exotic meal a bit different from everyday meal .

Recipe Name - Spinach Pulao
Rice basmati two cups (soaked for 30 mins)
Spinach leaves 200gm
Garlic one chopped
Onion chopped one
Tomato one chopped
Salt as pet taste
Oil to cook
Half tsp of turmeric powder
One tsp of garam masala powder
Cashew three chopped
Almond two chopped
raisin seven to eight
Asafoetida a pinch
Cumin seeds one tap
bayleves crushed two
Boil water in a pan ,once the water is boiling
 add the soaked rice and cook it till its done
Drain and keep aside.
Heat oil in non stick pan
Add asafoetida ,cumin seeds and bay leaves and let it splutter
Add chopped garlic and onion and keep frying till they are brown
Add salt, turmeric powder ,garam masala and tomato
Keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
Add chopped tomato and spinach leaves & cover and cook
After few minutes add half cup of water and let it simmer
Remove from flame and keep aside .
Once it cools down blend it with the help of blender
Keep aside .
In the same pan add half tsp of oil add chopped cashews
Almond and raisin fry for a minute or two ,
Drain and keep aside.
Add the drained rice and the puréed spinach mix
Fry for two minutes remove from flame and keep aside.
Serve warm garnished with fried nuts and raisins .
Aubergine Fritters
brinjal sliced one
Chickpea flour three tbsp.
Carom seeds one tap
Salt as per taste
Garam masala powder one tip
Rice flour one tbsp.
In a mixing bowl add chickpea flour
And all the above ingredient except brinjal
Add one fourth cup of water
make a nice batter add the sliced brinjal
Heat oil in non stick pan
Add the brinjal slices one at a time
Keep turning the sides till its brown from both sides
Drain and sprinkle chat masala that's how I love to eat
 serve warm with the spinach pulao and raita.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

weekend cooking - ravioli with curried chicken

I know its already Tuesday and I am late with weekend cooking post which I thought of sharing with you all on Monday blame it to my multitasking ,recent obsession of writing poem if you guys follow me on twitter and instagram you will know what I am talking about ,so today after cooking dinner and sitting with my son who is busy studying I thought of stealing some moments form my always busy life to write this post ya I do miss blogging with the advent of smartphone things have changed I hardly get time to open my laptop to write  blogging  is my comfort space where I can pour out my heart to you all so sorry drifted again pause
todays post is about weekend cooking when theres not much time to cook I prefer pasta for such busy nights and with a soar back things can't be better so this can be cooked in less than 20 mins and the meal is ready to be savoured

Recipe name 4 cheese ravioli in red sauce with curried chicken
ravioli one packet [easily available in supermarket in Lyon )
Three tbsp of Heinz onion tomato and garlic paste
One small onion chopped
One garlic clove chopped
One tomato chopped
Oil to cook olive oil two tap
Salt as per taste
Pinch of pepper
Half tsp garam masala
Cheese crumbled one tbsp
Curried chicken sliced one drumstick (had leftover which I used as topping )
Cook ravioli till al-dente
Drain and keep aside .
Heat oil in non stick wok
Once hot lower the flame and add chopped onion and garlic
Keep stirring till its brown add chopped tomato
Fry further for five to seven minutes add the paste
Followed by salt, pepper and the garam masala powder
Add half cup of water and let it simmer.
Once the sauce is ready remove from flame and keep aside.
To serve
In the serving dish place the ravioli pour two tbsp of sauce
sprinkle crumbled cheese and shredded curried chicken
Serve warm with a glass of wine .

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

you feel the pain too - open letter for Advay 11

Dear Advay ,

This letter is about the week we were back from India .I was feeling all blue and  glum and whenever I was showing marriage pics to my friends here I would see you peeping and seeing what pics I would be showing ,you would be curious and inquisitive hearing me tell the tales of shaadi and finally you would take phone From me and scroll down the pics and show them your cousin pics
 then I realised that you are having the same pain as me just like I am missing everyone back home you are missing your cousins too ,sorry Advay again I failed you maybe because I feel you are too young to miss anyone but no I was wrong .Just like I look forward to  for the India trip you are excited too and glum too after coming back .SO forgive me Advay for being so naïve and not understanding your pain .
Sharing the pic of you and your cousins for everyone
And a poem too which I wrote after coming back from India
Its peaceful serenity here
Yet I feel like sitting on empty throne
Stranded away from others
Missing the fun and galore.
I know will settle down soon
& the memories will stay with me
But till than they will be closing in
And making me believe this is what life is
So when I see shade of blue
Up above stretching till infinity
I know you too will be waiting
For the second sun
To warm your soul just like me .

With lots of love

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

on completing 7 yrs of food blogging

On completing 7 yrs of Food Blogging

Sunrays stream through the window
And then I realise
That today is the day
When I took the first stride.
Some 7 yrs back I stole
Few moments to start this space
And when now I look back
I know what all I have gained.
Have shared many unseen emotions
Which others didn't knew
And discovered that I could
Write in verse too.
So the space
Between you and me
Is reduced because of this
Its another facet of me
Which I really cherish .
So this month of mars
Is special for me
And because of this
I celebrate it.
Its asankhana my blog
Which was born today
And this poem is for
The blog birthday.

To celebrate blogversary cooked one of my fav curry for dinner
Rogan josh with steamed rice and kachumber
recipe of Rogan Josh blogged here
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Sunday, March 08, 2015

some specks of memories from wedding in India

Last few days have been like whirlwind for me because I had been to India for wedding now that I am back I can feel the emptiness here . So I think for few days I will be in that glum mode sharing with you all few pics of the gaiety & celebration there.
Indian Wedding

after coming back with some everlasting memories I can just sit back & reminisce about the time gone
 And savour these shaadi sweets & miss them all
Took out my sadness  by writing down my feelings
really felt better after this
so that's the reason why I had been away from my blog
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Will catch up with your post soon
Wish You all happy week ahead
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Friday, March 06, 2015

this post is about Holi

This post is about today
Have lots to say
But will say another day
This post is about colours
Which we would throw
On another
This post is about food
Thinking of which makes
Me drool
This post is about memories
Which is now stories
Treasured & cherished
This post is about relationships
Which is still not broken
Joined in mismatched fragments
This post is to help me
To drive away the pain
So that I can be healed in
A beautiful way .

Hello friends the above verse says all sharing with you all few Holi delicacies prepared at home in Lyon
Just like every year prepared Ghujia /ghuzia at home traditional holi delicacy
Khoa air flown from India made it more special
And for holi brunch cooked panchphoran wale aallo & ajwain kachodi

and some pics of the traditional meal cooked at home in India
Jackfruit Curry
Dahi Wada
Mathri & Namkin
Imli Chutney

Recipe of Ghujia/ghuzia blogged here
Recipe of Dahi Wada blogged here
Recipe of tamarind chutney blogged here
Recipe of Jackfruit curry blogged here
Recipe of Ajwain Kachodi blogged here
Recipe of Pua blogged here
Recipe of Mathri blogged here
Recipe of Pakhodi blogged here
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Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Hopi 2015
Take care & happy blogging
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