Wednesday, February 11, 2015

chicken do pyaza curry for cold winter nights

How you feel when the temperature is too low its snowing and food is still to be cooked in the kitchen I was caught in a similar situation few days back

then I was filled with memories of this simple curry which would be prepared at home sometime that time I was too young to ask the recipe or be curious what all is being added to the curry so this one is my own interpretation of how to prepare Chicken do pyaza
Chicken do pyaza

Recipe name Chicken Do Pyaza
Chicken one
Onion three big chopped finely
Garlic clove three chopped
Ginger grated one tbsp.
Bay leaves crushed two
Dried red chilli
Crushed clove four
Crushed black pepper five to six
Crushed black cardamom one
Crushed cinnamon half inch
Pinch of asafoetida
Cumin seeds one tap
Kebab chini crushed four
Mace crushed one fourth tip
Coriander powder one tap
Turmeric powder half tap
Garam masala powder one tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil to cook
To garnish
Chopped coriander leaves
Heat oil in non stick wok
Once oil is hot lower the flame add asafoetida
Once it starts spluttering add cumin seeds
Followed by bay leaves ,clove,cardamom,cinnamon
Pepper,kababchini after a minute add chopped garlic & ginger
Once its brown add chopped onion & keep frying
Till the onion is brown & tender
Add all the powder masala followed by salt
After five minutes add chicken pieces & fry
Further for 10 mins add one cup of water
Cover & cook for 30 to 40 mins
Serve warm garnished with coriander leaves

We had this curry with steamed rice and it was perfect comfort meal for the weather .
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on being Global Citizen - Letter 10 for Advay

Dear Advay,
Few weeks back you got your journal from school.I liked the way you had expressed yourself in  your class assignments but when I saw the GLOBAL CITIZEN passport in your folder I was awestruck because this was something really beautiful I wanted to read it again & again .I wish everyone could understand this simple thing that we all are GLOBAL CITIZEN

.There were some beautiful quotes there in the passport all meaning the same that we don't belong to a single country but to the whole world

.I know what I am trying to share is big for you maybe you will understand when you grow up.
That's all for now
Lots love
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