Thursday, January 07, 2010

Sweet start with Bitter truth

 I guess Gazar Ka Halwa ,

is the perfect post to start the new year ,I know I am bit late with my first post of the yr 2010,reason being my trip to Agra to celebrate Ganesh Chauth also known as Sankat Chauth at my inlaws place ,I am back with a lesson which I learnt and ya I gonna share with you all too ,we went for trip to FatehpurSikri,I had kept my purse beside me on the steps of Salim Chisthi Dargah, Advay was busy running around so my whole attention was towards him,I was so engrossed watching  him that I didn’t realize when my purse was picked from the steps, no guys I didn’t get it back,but ya as Shakespear said Sweet are the uses of adversity I learnt a lotz from this incident.
Never to carry purse or shoulder bag at tourist place always sling back or back pack,not to carry goodies like fav specs,perfume and other unnecessary stuff,not to carry key of wardrobe outside ,Car is always safe to leave things behind.Its not the first time that this happened with me I Lost my cell phone first time in Bangalore while shopping,second time in London I forgot my handbag in tube didn’t get it back and the third time the recent one.
 Yesterday Neha prepared Gazar Ka Halwa, the way I like I don’t think so anything can be better than this and ya its sweet enough to forget something bitter which happened with me.She prepared it the same way as the basic recipe goes,wash peel and grate carrots keep aside.In a non stick wok add two tbsp of ghee and one or two cardamom pod,lower the flame and fry grated carrots till mushy,add milk and keep stirring till the milk is not seen,add amul mithaimate ,no need to add sugar ,keep stirring till mithai mate is mixed with the carrots,ghee has to be added whenever mixture starts sticking to the vessel.Once done add finely chopped dryfruits,mix well and serve warm.

 I guess thats all for todays post,many thanks for sending entries for the Jingle Event,event is on till 10th of Jan so if you guys have anything which suits the theme do send me,,,take care cee you all soon,..;-) Have a happy and safe week ahead.