Sunday, April 29, 2012

Morning cup of Coffee and #Shot4Shot

the first thing i do when i get up is to prepare morning cup of coffee ,i just mix one tsp of instant coffee powder with half tsp of sugar add half cup of water and microwave it for a minute after a minute i add one fourth cup of milk and microwave it further for a minute ,thats all my morning cuppa is ready to get me started for the day.

if i get up early then  i have the luxury of enjoying the cuppa sitting on one corner of my couch and my ipad on the lap browsing the newspaper or my mail or my favourite blog .

but if there's hardly any time then i have to just keep the mug on the dining table have a sip or two and then continue with my chores which includes waking up Advay ,and so many other things and in between come back have a sip or two again thats how my week days are,..:-) from Monday to Friday.
There are days when i go to the nearby Cafeteria and enjoy my morning coffee /kopi with Kaya toast

So when I saw the post of Kristen of Dine and Dish and Tracey Clark of Shutter Sisters who are teaming up for Global Immunization Week with the United Nations Foundations Shot@Life campaign in a project to make vaccines accessible to children everywhere.
I thought of sharing my Cup of Coffee too,..;-)
Their goal is to raise awareness and funds so that vaccines are accessible for everyone.
They have invited everyone to join them for a week of coffee,creativity and giving kids a shot of life.They are encouraging us to share the mug shots (#mymugshot) of morning shot of coffee ( #shotofcoffee) with them on
Instagram,Flickr,Facebook,Twitter and or Blog.Capture and share with them for #Shotforshot..
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thats all friends,wish you all Happy weekend,.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Advays Angry Bird Birthday Cake and Angry Bird Cupcakes for the Angry Bird themed Birthday Party

Last post i shared with you all the practice cake which i baked with Angry Bird theme ,
this post i will be sharing the recipe of Angry Bird Birthday Cake

 and Angry Bird Cupcakes which i baked for Advays Birthday.

Recipe Name Angry Bird Cupcakes/Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Icing and Angry Bird Toppers
Recipe of Vanilla Cupcakes Blogged here 
yield 24 mini cupcakes
once done ,cool the cupcakes on wire rack and keep in airtight box in fridge.
Recipe of Vanilla Buttercream Icing inspired from here and blogged here

divide the icing into four equal parts and tint them with green,yellow,red and blue colour.
spread the icing on the cupcakes and keep aside.

For the Angry Bird Cupcake Toppers
ready to roll fondant red,yellow,blue and green colour
edible marker black colour
sprinklers to decorate.

how i did
shape out the fondant with help of fondant cutting equipment
gave red,yellow and blue fondant angry bird shape
and with the green fondant made pig shape.
with edible marker made the eyes and beak.
with the help of toothpick inserted the topper on each cupcake.

For the Birthday Cake for Advay i had the same design and recipe on my mind which i have blogged in previous post 

.But when i placed the cake  pan in the oven and started the timer , i kept waiting for some 20 mins ,but after 20 mins the cake was still unbaked from the top ,so i thought of trimming out the edges and giving some shape but the cake was very crumbly ,disappointed and dejected, mixed the batter again and kept the tray in the oven ,

i could see that the top burner was not lighted,then i realised the knob of the oven  was not in the original position,relieved i turned the knob to the original position and within five minutes the cake was done,by then it was already 1 am,i didn't had any energy to prepare new frosting for the cake with a single colour,so i thought of using the leftover red,yellow green and blue icing,divided the cake into four equal parts with help of icing and thus the cake was decked with four different colour of icing.

Then i placed the angry bird toppers and the golden egg and the some sprinklers.
Still i felt that something was missing so wrote Happy Birthday Advay on a strip of paper and with help of blue tac and tooth pick placed it on the cake.

So i was really happy with the final cake,ya it was not something which i had planned bt then this one looked cool too,.isnt it,,
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theres more to share which i will be sharing in the next post
take care folks,and ya thanks for the wishes too,...

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Angry Bird theme Birthday Party for Advay

Advay - "Mummy angry birds speak like this."
Me - okay enough stop it.
Advay - "Mummy angry birds can juggle their eyes."
me - " juggle their eyes."
Advay - "yes they can juggle their eyes  ,i can show you."
Advay - "Mummy please draw eggs too."
me-" which eggs ?"'
Mummy- " golden eggs which pigs have taken from the birds."
this was the conversation which we had when i was sketching invitation card for  Advay's Birthday Celebration few days back,

yes guys since past few days i have been busy like anything,planning,shopping,designing ,baking and doing so many other things.

Back when we were kids,celebrating a birthday meant a family get together and a reason to indulge in delicacies like  Chola Bhatura, Dahi Wada,or Matar Paneer and Kachodi,there wouldn't be any planning,early morning menu would be decided and by evening living room would be decked with streamers and balloons and a ready to eat  cake would be bought from the neighborhood bakery, that's how birthday were celebrated for us,then with time as we grew up,instead of celebrating at home,we started going out for family dinner at a restaurent and a birthday cake would be cut there.I was not brought up eating muffins,cupcakes  brownies or home baked cakes and bread,had read about brownies and tarts in
Enid Blyton books,but i never thought that in few years i would be baking the same for my sons birthday .
Ya this was like dream for me,i had imagined about something like this,had thought and planned but never knew that whole thing together would look so nice,and at the end of the celebration i did feel good,.:-)
how i planned for the Angry Bird theme Birthday Party for my Son.
designed the card with Angry Bird theme
designed the Birthday  banner
baked a cake at home to practice topper for cupcakes
planned the menu for kids which was
-Eggless Chocolate Cake with Vanilla butter cream frosting  with  angry bird toppers made of fondant.
-Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla butter cream frosting
- Chocolate Sugar Cookies shaped like Angry Birds
- Brownies
and  ready made potato wafers
this post i will be sharing how i did the Angry Bird Cake (practice cake :-) )

for the Eight inch Egg less Chocolate Cake i followed the same recipe which i have blogged here.
bake the cake and let it cool,
remove from the pan and keep aside.
for the Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting i followed the recipe shared by Joy the Baker
Recipe name - Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
Recipe source Joy the Baker
have halved the ingredient for the cake,
Icing sugar one cup
unsalted butter three tbsp
vanilla essence one fourth tsp
milk one tbsp
In a mixing bowl mix the butter and sugar ,till creamy and fluffy
(i mixed it with hand )
gradually add milk and vanilla essence and mix to a spreadable consistency
spread on the cake with the help of spatula.

For the toppers
ready to roll fondant yellow and red

how i did 
shape out the fondant with help of fondant tool
i did red and yellow bird and two eggs
(as my son told he wants golden  eggs too on the cake ,)
placed the shaped out toppers with the help of tooth pick on the cake
sprinkled some edible sprinklers on the cake,and kept in fridge for some 30 mins
this is how i planned the cake which i wanted  to bake on the eve of Advay's Birthday but then that's a different story will tell you guys about it soon,,,;-)
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Thats all guys ,will share with you all more about the party soon
till then take care and Happy Blogging.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

this is life ,Carry On...

from past few days i have been really busy
and my mind has been clogged with so many things 
busy because i am doing preparation for my sons upcoming birthday
and mind is clogged because i am feeling homesick and nostalgic.
so though one part of me is busy planning for the celebration 
other part of me is missing everyone 
one part of me is listing out everything 
other part of me is  telling me what i will be missing 
one part of me tells me this is life carry on
other part tells me this is life look beyond.
So when my father tells me about  the poem
 which he wrote for my sons birthday 
and when my mother reads it with tears filled eyes 
i could feel the pain they were feeling
 but i had to fake a smile for them 
so that they dont feel my pain 
or how i am feeling
thanks to skype
i feel closer to them everyday
as one part of me telle me this is life carry on 
and the other part tells me this is life look beyond,..
I was elated when  i heard about the marriage
of my cousin which would  be held in two months 
excited because i would be meeting everyone 
and there would be so much fun
three days of festival like celebration
and love,laughter and happiness 
but then i knew i wont be able to make it 
because of the planned trip to oversesas
one part of me tells me its just a marriage
other part tells me to plan the trip ahead
so with tears filled eyes i am planning for the trip
and faking a smile and telling everyone i am so happy
as one part of me tells me this is life carry on
other part tells me this is life look beyond.
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thats all friends,
take care and happy Blogging,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

two potatoes ,three onions and a thali to share

day had been quiet busy,still i had managed to complete all the chores and was breathing in and out for few mins sitting on the couch with my favourite book and a cup of filter coffee  when my siesta was broken by the sudden ring of the cell phone,hubby was on the line
me -yes tel me ,
hubby- he is coming 
me- comin who ?
hubby- i told you right my friend would be coming for dinner ,he will be home by 6 pm
me --but he hadnt comfirmed right
hubby he just did..
me-uhh  oky.
this was the conversation which we had the week we had to leave for India .I didnt had anything in my pantry except for two potatoes,three onions,green peas in the freeze and soaked chickpeas which i had soaked for our own consumption.Dazed and shocked and with no menu plan in my mind i entered kitchen,breathed in and out and planned the menu,i just had four hours ,it was already 2pm when i got the call,i had to tidy the living room where advays toys,books and other things were kept and ya two suitcases too as we had to leave the next day.Since i had soaked chickpeas ,i stuck to the original plan of preparing Chola Curry,thought of pairing it with Bhatura,Aloo Matar Ghughni,Onion tomato kachumber,Pulao with dried fruits and for sweet dish Kheer.

Now this was not easy ,i knew i had to multitask ,i kept the soaked garbanzo beans for boiling,and kneaded the dough for bhatura,kept it for fermentation,

prepared curry for the chickpea,once boiled mixed the curry with boiled chickpea and pressure cooked again for one whistle.

Next was Allo Matar Ghughni ,i fried the matar and potato and pressure cooked for a whistle and kept aside

.Cooked rice in microwave for 15mins and kept aside and started with kheer preparation,once kheer was done

 ,tidied the room and started with tea preparation.By 6pm everythin was ready except Bhatura .Ya i was tired but then this was an experience which i never gonna forget ,..:-)
Recipe of Chola Curry Blogged here
for Pulao with dry fruits

Cooked rice two cup
onion half chopped 
cumin seeds half tsp
cinnamon crushed one fourth inch
bay leaves crushed two
green cardamom crushed two
salt as per taste 
ghee one tbsp
fried cashed to garnish 
raisin to garnish 
heat ghee in kadhai/wok
once hot lower the flame and add dried seeds
followed by chopped onion 
keep stirring till onion browns
add the cooked rice and mix everything together
serve warm garnished with fried cashew and raisin.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

weekend baking - garlic rolls

Its been so long since i baked bread at home
or worked with yeast ,
but when i saw my sister baking bread almost everyday
in New delhi
i was inspired to bake again
yesterday while Bloghopping i saw

garlic rolls  blogged by Prema 
i had tried them earlier from Raks space

and thus i tried again

and ya i luved them and
will be baking them soon again...;-)
original recipe is from My Singapore Kitchen 
thanks Suhaina for sharing the recipe,..:-)

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thats all friends.take care and happy blogging.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

New delhi trip march 2012 - seven days in Delhi

yes guys i am back
But this post i gonna share what i did last week in New Delhi ,
Day 1 sister surprised me with this Chocolate Cake
Day 2 we sisters bonded over a cup of tea and coffee in Delhi Haat
Day 3 fried some samosas with MIL and enjoyed family time
Day 4 learnt to make white butter from fresh cream at home ,truly enjoyed :-)
 Day 5 Cooked Vegetable Dum Biryani for 25 people ,ya it was an experience
which was followed by celebration at home
Day 6 fasted and feasted
at my younger sister place
Day 7 prepared poori ,halwa and kala chana with sister in law for Navami Kanya Pooja
  Recipe of Vegetable Dum Biryani is inspired from Chicken Dum Biryani recipe blogged here ,
have replaced chicken with caulflower,potato and green peas,procedure is the same,
recipe of Samosa blogged here baked version  
recipe of white butter blogged here  
Thats all friends,will catch up with you posts soon,,.
          take care and happy blooging,
          Special thanks to my sisters for making the trip memorable for me,..;-)