Monday, February 15, 2010

Happening week with trip to Surajkund mela , Khan Chachas kabab roll ,Moong dal halwa from Priyas kitchen and MNIK

Last week was pretty hectic,but i am happy that this week there is not much to do,so i can slow down a bit,its  cold here again today with no sunshine ,talking of last week went to two awesome places first being Surajkund mela
 and other being Khan Chacha Shop at Khan Market 
,Surajkund Mela was fun had gone last year too,this year theme was Rajasthan State,but due to bad weather couldnt give much time there as soon as we reached it started raining there:-( felt bad for advay too he had to sit on his buggy with towel on his head,
Talking of Khan Chacha ,this one was my first visit to the Khan Chacha Kabas Corner,i have never been to the old shop,so everything was new for me,had heard lotz about Khan Chacha from my sis,so when i read in news paper that this place is open again in new avatar i had to go with Neha ,and though we had to wait quiet long for the kabab roll,it was worth it,every bite of it,..:-) will go again there soon,..
Neha prepared Moong Dal Halwa
from Priyas space,which was yum,;-)  thanks priya for sharing the recipe,this hearty Moong Dal Halwa is off for Priyas Valentines Event  , to Srivallis space for Kids Delight Event  as advay loved the halwa, to MLLA 20 started by Susan and hosted this month by Rachel of the crispy cook and to my own event Lets Celebrate with colours .
talking of movies saw My Name is Khan last week ,nice movie worth watching with real good performance by Shahrukh and Kajol,dont miss this one guys,..;-) i guess thats all frens,..will cee u soon,..