Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Festive Treats for Sankranti ;-)

I prepared  Til Gud Laddo for Sankranti last year
prepared this year the same,
recipe blogged here

and prepared Coconut Roti/Kayi Holige /Narla Ubbatti

 inspired from here

and rice flour poori with aloo gobhi sabzi

For Rice Flour Poori
Rice flour one cup
wheat flour one fourth cup
salt pinch
cumin seeds one tsp
oil one tsp
warm water to knead the dough

In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients
and knead dough ,divide the dough
into equal sized small disc
place baking sheet on rolling disc
keep a small piece of dough
and roll out to the shape of poori
heat oil in in wok ,once hot lower the flame
and fry the pooris till brown from both side.
serve warm with Allo Gobhi Sabzi.
allo gobhi tamatar sabzi blogged here
rice and almond pudding blogged here

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend Cooking - Chicken Dum Biryani & Muhallabia

This is not the usual way i prepare Biryani

but when my friend recommended me
this flavourful Biryani Masala
i thought of trying it
and i am so glad i did

relished the Biryani like anything
paired it with onion tomato raita
this is how i did
Recipe Name Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken half kg
onion three chopped
tomato one chopped
garlic clove three chopped
ginger half inch chopped
green chili two chopped
curd one cup
shan biryani masala half packet
rice one a half cup
fried onion to garnish one tbsp
edible yellow colour pinch

cook rice till its half done ,keep aside
heat oil in non stick wok
add chopped ginger,garlic and green chili
after a minute add choopped onions
keep frying till the onions are done
add chopped tomatoes followed
by biryani masala ,keep frying
till oil isseen along the sides
add chicken pieces and keep frying
add few drops of water and cover and cook
once the chicken is done ,keep aside.

To dum cook
In a broad vessel place the cooked chicken
followed by layer of rice, sprinkle orange colour,
dash of lemon juice and fried onion
repeat the same procedure.
seal the pot with dough and cook on low flame for 10 - 15 mins
serve warm with raita ;-)
For Muhallabia/Rice & Almond Pudding

recipe inspired from Middle Eastern Cookbook
grounded rice half cup
milk two and a half cup
sugar half cup
cardamom three crushed
almond and pistachio chopped two tbsp
rose water one tbsp

mix rice flour in half cup of milk keep aside
boil two cup of milk ,once the milk starts boiling
reduce heat to low medium
add rice paste,crushed cardamom and sugar
keep stirring to prevent lump formation
once the mixture starts boiling add chopped nuts
followed by rose water ,let it simmer for 10 - 15 mins
once done remove from flame .
spoon into individual bowls and refrigerate
serve chilled .
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Friday, January 06, 2012

Cupcakes with Vanilla Icing for Potluck Party

date 31st december 2011
event  potluck dinner at my friends place

what i prepared baked - 24 cupcakes

and iced them and decorated them
recipe name Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla icing
recipe of cupcakes blogged here

recipe of Vanilla icing
ingredient adapted for 24 cupcakes
unsalted butter one fourth cup
icing sugar one cup
vanilla essence one tsp
milk two tbsp
colour to tint icing - pink ,blue,yellow,green and orange

how i did
beat butter and vanilla essence in a bowl
add sugar slowly and keep beating
till the mixture is creamy in consistency
add milk slowly and beat till
mixture can be spread easily
divide the icing into five different part
tint the icing into different colour,keep aside
once the cupcakes have cooled down
spread the icing on each cupcakes
sprinkle sprinklers and edible silver balls
and leave to set.

and after few  minutes  indulge ;-)
thats all guys,wish you all Happy Weekend
take care and Happy Blogging.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Iced ginger cookies - to start the year,..;-)

I wanted to share these cookies on chirstmas eve but i couldnt

then i thought i would share them before the year ends but i couldnt
thus today i made up my mind that  this post gonna be the first post of the year
as i wanted to share something sweet and something special,..;-)

recipe name iced ginger cookies
recipe source cook book
preparation time 30 mins
baking time 5 to 7 mins
baking temperature 100 degree centigrade
one cup whole wheat flour
half cup brown sugar
half cup unsalted butter
two tbsp cocoa powder
chopped glaced ginger one tbsp
milk one tbsp
pinch of salt
few drops of vanilla essence
to decorate the cookies
icing tubes red and white colour

preheat the oven to 100 degree centigrade
line a baking sheet and keep aside
In a mixing bowl cream the sugar and butter ,add salt and vanilla essence
add flour,cocoa and glaced ginger pieces ,adding milk to bind the mixture
knead on a floured surface until smooth
roll out the dough on lightly floured surface to one fourth inch thick
stamp out shapes using cookie cutters and place on baking sheets
bake the cookies for 5 to 7 minutes ,leave to cool till firm
decorate the cooled cookies with icing.

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