Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moong dal chilla aam ke achar ke sath

These days as the heat is really on in Delhi ,most of the days i am skipping lunch and surviving on heavy breakfast some snack in between or juice followed by again dinner in the night cant help it weather is like that just don't feel like eating or cooking elaborate meal,..but since June is marriage time  and there are frequent relatives and friends coming down every second day there is always excuse there to prepare a spread,..:-) and ya i did prepare something nice for my cousins which i will be posting soon,..:-)
Coming back to today's post i will be sharing pic of breakfast platter
prepared by Pallavi on Sunday morning,she was asking me  from a long time how to prepare Hari moong chila but i didn't had any clue of the recipe...finally she searched on net and prepared it from Ashwinis blog Food for Thought.
She prepared it the same way,she didn't add green peas and to make the batter workable she added one tsp of gram flour to the batter mix.Tired after coming back from Singapore this was a perfect treat fro me, there in Singapore i was really craving for simple home cooked food,..
She served chilla with aam achar,tamarind chutney,mixed fruit juice and mango slice.This plate was heaven for me specially after consuming junk food and all for a continuous week .
Mil prepared aam pickle and sent full jar of it from Agra
Recipe of Mango pickle as told by mil
ingredient needed
salt as per taste
red chili powder one tsp
asafoetida half tsp
green mango peeled and stone removed 150gm
make thin slice of the mango
mix everything together and keep in oven vessel
cover it with wheat flour strainer also known as chalni
keep the pickle in sun for 8 to 10 days
keep mixing everyday.
Pickle will be ready once the mangoes become tender.
This pickle goes well with dal chawal and khichdi.
Just two weeks left for the wedding ,neha my younger sis will be coming this weekend so soon all three of us will be together,...umm days can be counted now ,..i am excited but sad too,...gonna miss Pallavi lotz,...:-( anyways that's what life is,...oops sorry,,,i got carried away,.:-)
event entry
Breakfast platter pic goes to Divyas event Show me your breakfast where she is asking us to submit breakfast pic,..
Mango pickle goes to Mela Queen Srivalli for her yummylicious Mango Mela event
Moong dal chilla goes to My legume love affair twelfth helping event hosted by Annarasa an event started by Susan of well seasoned cook.
and this whole post goes to Srilekhas EFM Breakfast event.
mmmm i cam smell rain,,..i think todays dinner gonna be chicken biryani, Nayani my cousion is asking me to prepare for her,..and the weather i s perfect now,..:-) chalo cee u all soon,..