Sunday, December 27, 2009

Recipe Marathon Day 3 Mexican Cinnamon Cookies

 My mother is fond of cookies ,so i try to look for such recipes which dont have egg as she is vegeterian ,so while flipping through my cake nd cookies book when i saw the recipe of Mexican Cinnamon Cookies ,i thought of giving it a try,for two good reason,first the recipe looked quiet simple and the second the recipe being eggless,so in the middle of night i preheated the oven and started kneading the dough,..:-)
They are also known as Pastelitos ,these cookies are traditional sweet shortbreads,served at wedding in Mexico,these cookies are specially dusted with icing sugar to match the brides dress.
Recipe Name Mexican Cinnamon Cookies
Recipe Source Baking book
Recipe Style Baking
Preparation tim
Baking Temperature
Ingredient needed
115gm butter
115gm plain flour
25gm sugar
50gm cornflour
1.5ml ground cinnamon
30ml chopped nuts
25gm icing sugar
Preheat the oven to 160 degree centigrade
grease a baking sheet and keep aside
beat sugar and butter together till pale and creamy keep aside
Sift the plain flour ,corn flour and ground cinnamon into the butter and sugar mixture
gradually work with wooden spoon till the mixture comes together
knead the dough lightly till completely smooth.
Take tablespoonful of the mixture,roll into small balls and arrange on the baking sheet
press few chopped nuts on top of each and then flatten slightly.
Bake the cookies for 30-35 mins till pale golden.
Remove from oven and while they are still warm toss them in sifted icing sugar.
Leave the cookies to cool before serving.

These Warm Cookies are my third entry for Recipe Marathon Day 3 hosted by Nupur of One Hot Stove
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Happy weekend frens will catch up with all tomorrow,..:-)tkcre,..