Friday, September 25, 2009

Sharadiya Navratri


Hello frens,wish u all happy navratri ,i am back from Singapore with fond memories, fresh and charged for the days ahead,it wasnt difficult to manage Advay,he slept during  the flight so the return journey wasnt a nightmare for me, is seventh day of sharada navratri
,can still remember how excited we used to be for this particular festival,and why wont we be as this festival was like mini get together for us,thinking about those golden days brings smile on my face,its my first navratri in Delhi,the only thing which is making me realise thats its festival is the daily pooja at home
and the articles in the daily newspaper,other than that i am missing the festive spirit which we  have during our childhood,missing my sisters too,Advay is too small to ask for Dasara celebration these days he is busy in world of colours ,i am looking forward to meeting my cousions who will be reaching tomorrow for the festival,maybe then i will feel thats its festival time here,to get myself into festive mood i tried some decoration with floating candle and flowers,,... while writing this post i thought of Chetan Bhagats famous speech about Spark,he is so right when he tells as we age the spark fades,...i can read his speech again and again its so motivating...sorry i drifted again i was talking about Dasara festival i know,..
and ya tomorrow is my Ashthami fast so i will be feasting on some vrat delicacies,...:-) i guess thats all from my side, are you guys celebrating festival,..???u guys tk cre me signing off wishing u all again,..:-)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Random clicks of Genting Highland

Hello frens,hope u all are doing great,sharing some random clicks from our trip to Genting Highland
The pic above and below shows the view outside from our room window,in the second pic of tea nothing is seen beacuse of the clouds,,.

Hari Raya Celebration was on in the theme park
treated ourselves to some of these goodies
enjoyed ride in the indoor theme park
Advay had a blast as u can see in the pics
couldnt help clicking this,.
and the final pic was clicked on the way back,...
Cee u guys soon,i am enjoying my break from work ,,but i guess Advay is missing his school,whole day i have to keep entertaining him till his father comes back form work,right now he is busy counting coins,:-), have to go to my favourite hangouts in Singapore,which is National library and Toast box i guess will go in a day or two,got few books of management so busy reading them and ya i am on with agatha christie too whenever i get bored,.and  am terribly missing ghar ka khana, thats what new with me what about u guys,...???

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fresh Veggie Pizza,...

These days when Advay gets bored playing his toys I have to distract him with something new so few days back when I was busy preparing Pizza I told him to play with his dolls, I had one small toy bottle so taught him to feed the dolls,

Thanks to INA market of Delhi I am never out of stock of the exotic veggies like zucchini, broccoli and fresh parsley name it and u have it, everything is available in this market..i feel so happy when I go there for veggie shopping, these exotic veggies are available in the near by malls but not as fresh as in INA,..INA market is paradise for foodies, …I guess i am drifting away ,...;-)
Coming back to Pizza recipe its very simple..
N Ingredient needed
N Chopped Onion
N Chopped tomato
N Fresh Parsley leaves
N Chopped Zucchini
N Sliced Baby corn
N Sliced Green, Red and Yellow capsicum
N Salt as per taste
N Pepper
N Mozzarella cheese
N Italian Herb
Procedure- Apply nutralite on the base, place the veggies on the base, followed by grated cheese and fresh parsley, sprinkle salt, pepper and Italian herb and place in preheated oven at 220 degree centigrade and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.
Metro work is going just opposite to our building and I guess by next year we will have the metro station ready , the below pic station can be seen,..i guess commuting gonna be very easy in few months,..:-) what a relief for us,...isnt it...
I am leaving for Singapore tomorrow for two weeks...bit tensed about travelling with Advay,..i hope u guys remember what happened last time:-) will be back soon with a post from Singapore,..till thn cee u guys,,,u all tk cre,.;-)

so for some two hrs Advay was busy playing this new game
while I baked Pizza,. .and this is how did,i had stock of fresh veggies in my fridge ,mozzarella cheese,and store brought pizza base

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thili Dosai from Lakshmis kitchen and Wholewheat Walnut Bread

Since past two months,life has been really busy with so much to do and just 24hrs in a day, sometimes i feel i need more time to catch up with the pending work,yet whenever i feel like like cooking or get the opportunity to cook i dont miss it,first half of the day i am busy in hospital doing projects and the second half is for home,Advay,sudying,cooking and so many other things,its tough managing both home and work but i am doing the best i can,Advay has become very naughty,he keeps me on my toes,evening is spent running after him and as soon i am back from work he gets his books out from his school bag for revision,ya he luvs alphabets and is in luv with them ,he has started conversing in his own language and tries to catch up with us not to miss he luvs chatting with his father on Skype which is our daily routine these days,coming back to cooking

I tried Thili Dose
from Lakshmis space which is yum i am going to make this again,perfect for beakfast and brunch we enjoyed this with mango pickle ,thanks Lakshmi for the recipe gonna try ur moong dosai soon,..;-)

and ya i did bake whole loaf of Walnut Bread
from my baking dairy ,this is ow the recipe goes,...

Ingredient needed

420gm wholewheat flour

150gm whitebread flour

12.5ml salt

550ml lukewarm water

15ml clear honey

15ml active yeast

150gm walnut pieces

1 beaten egg to glaze



Combine wholemeal and whiteflour and salt in a large bowl,make well n the centre and add 250ml of water ,honey and yeast.

set aside until yeast dissolves and becomes frothy.


Add more water,and mix to form smooth dough.


Transfer to a floured board and knead,adding flour is necessary,until the dough is smooth and elastic.Place in a greased bowl and roll the dough around in the bowl to coat thoroughly on all sides,cover with clear film and leave in warm place until it doubles in volume for about one and half hrs.


Knock back ( punch down ) the dough and knead in the Walnuts evenly.


Grease a baking sheet,shape the dough into a round loaf and place on the baking sheet .Press in walnut pieces to decorate the the top.Covel loosely with a damp cloth or clear film and leave to rise in a warm place until it doubles in size .

Step 6

Preheat the oven to 220 degree centigrade,bake for 15 minutes,lower the heat to 190 degree centigarde and bake until the base sounds hollowwhen tapped for about 40 minutes.

I had baked this loaf for my sis,..and ya she did liked it,..

hope u guys r doing good,weather is quiet pleasent from past few days,so feeling good,otherwise i guess we had the longest summers this year,.

me signin off cee u guys soon, cre,..:-)