Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weekend Cooking - Tagliatelle in white sauce with fried sausage

Most of the time weekends I look for one pot meal kind of stuff so that I can give time to Advay for his studies .Last weekend did the same everyone agreed for pasta for dinner so prepared the same had never prepared white sauce at home so thought of trying at home thanks to the supermarket nearby get fresh pasta there so got Tagliatelle.

Recipe nameTaglietelle in white sauce with fried sausage
Recipe source Internet
Tagliatelle one packet
For white sauce
Butter one tbsp.
All purpose flour one tbsp.
Cream half cup
Salt as per taste
Sausage chicken one chopped
Cook tagliatelle till al-dente drain and keep aside
heat half tsp oil in non stick pan and fry the chopped sausage till brown and crispy
Drain and keep aside
Procedure for the sauce
Heat butter in non stick pan
Add all purpose flour and mix everything together
Followed by the cream stir and mix everything together
Till a creamy consistency is obtained .
To serve
In a bowl pour the sauce followed by drained tagliatelle top it with fried sausage
Serve warm with pinch of pepper.
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