Monday, February 28, 2011

Homesickness cured by Cooking Therapy - Chicken kofta

Whenever i am happy or distressed i take it out on food,..
if i am happy i go for something like this
if i am sad then i go for cooking therapy
yesterday i was feeling homesick
and missing my sis and  her new born baby
so i wanted to keep myself busy
as in kitchen its just me
and i can cry easily ,..
with no recipe in my mind
i prepared this very patiently
this one took time
i was bit nervous
but when hubby said
it was yum
it made me happy

Recipe name Chicken Kofta
Recipe source notyet100s experiment
preparation time half hour
cooking time one and half hour
Ingredient for the kofta /chicken ball
 boneless chicken 250gm
 bread piece two
 egg one
 salt as per taste
 pepper pinch
 cornflour one tbsp
In a mixing bowl ,mix everything together
make small disc shaped balls and keep aside
heat one and a half tbsp oil in non sick pan
lower the heat and slide the discs slowly
keep turning till the discs become brown from both side
drain and keep on kitchen towel.
For the curry
- onion ginger garlic paste
 one onion,green chili,two garlic clove and half pinch ginger run through the blender and keep aside
- tomato paste
two tomatoes run through blender and keep aside
- curry powder
  dry roast one tsp cumin seeds,half inch cinnamon,two red chili,crushed bay leaves,clove three,black pepper four,star anise two,black cardamom two,green cardamom through blender keep aside.
-salt as per taste
-oil to cook
-coconut cream two tbsp
heat  one tbsp oil in non stick wok
add onion paste and keep stirring till paste starts changing colour
when paste becomes light brown add tomato paste
keep stirring till everything mixes together
add salt,curry powder and keep stirring till oil is seen along the side
add half cup of water ,give a good stir and let it simmer for 5 mins
add coconut milk and let it simmer for five to seven minutes.
Before serving add the shallow fried kofta balls to the curry and let it simmer for 10 mins
serve garnished with chopped almond and cashew nuts.

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