Monday, March 10, 2008

Aloo Sabzi- perfect with puri

this recipe can be enjoyed with puri or kachori,dry recipe tastes good and can be cooked and packed easily when travelling,pack some green chillies,onion and pickle along with puri.,,and have with the chai.....its.....:-) well without wasting time let me tell you the recipe for two people...u can increase the quantity if more people involved.-
Recipe name Aloo Bhazi,
boiled potatao mediunm sized two chopped into square pieces
dried red chilli 4
fenugreek seeds one teaspoon
asafoetida pinch
turmeric powder one teaspoon
red chilli powder one teaspoon
salt according to your taste
cooking oil according to your need one teasppon will do
heat oin in nonstick kadai,once warm enough add fenugreek seeds followed by dry red chillies.and astafoetida,..once you hear the splutter sound add boiled potato followed by turmeric powder,red chili powder,and salt...keep stirring,till potato starts turning brown,...thats all....enjoy with hot puri,pickle green chilli and onion,,,,,