Monday, May 26, 2008

CHICKEN biryani

this recipe i am sending for fortune cooking event,i have chosen gemini sign,..which is zodiac sign of my hubby,.i have chosen chicken under the nonveg section,..before writing about the recipe of chicken biryani

some traits about gemini

Being a dual signBeing a dual sign has (of course) both an up and a down-side. You are vitally interested in what's new and fashionable, though you have a healthy skepticism which allows you to see both sides of the image. You are a party animal, but like to sit back and analyse, or send up the whole procedure.

You multiply the effects of other people's energy, but can become deflated if you are out of the limelight for any length of time. Your sharp wit and excellent powers of observation make you a good raconteur, although you have a tendency to exaggerate which can cause trouble with your relationships.

You really have little faith in yourself, which you mask with ironic wit or sarcasm, but in truth you can use your flexible mind to better yourself in a surprising number of ways. You spend more time talking than eating.

A mutable (changeable) sign, you are chameleon-like in your ability to blend in with your environment, yet you stand out like a beacon when you become the life of the party, with your witty remarks and seemingly limitless knowledge about all and sundry.

You love zooming around, running right left and centre. As a source of information you are unparalleled and you love to keep in touch with your friends, neighbours and indeed anyone who is on your wavelength.

being married since two yrs,,..i never knew anyone with gemini sign, it was bit difficult for me to understand my hubby,..being dual sign,..u cant predict...when there mood will change..but they are back to normal soon,..but now i after staying with himsince two yrs i can understand him,.,..he is quiet understanding,mature,.ya looses his cool at times,..but that even i do,...back in my family most of them are leos, friends were cancerians,pisces,and aries, person with gemini sign was totally something new for me,..


chicken 300 gm

onion three chopped

green chilli chopped three

ginger garlic paste one tsp

curd one cup

soaked rice two cup

saffron soaked in milk for 10 minutes one tablespoon

salt to taste

lemon juice

chopped almond and raisins

biryani masala one tsp

oil to cook


heat oil in wok

add chopped onions and fry till brown ,now add chopped green chillies,ginger garlic paste


keep frying


now add curd,..followed by chicken,keep frying till chicken changes colour to brown,add salt

now add ,..chopped almonds,raisin and lemon juice,..and cover and cook



remove from heat and mix the biryani masala



before serving spoon rice over chicken mixture,sprinkle saffron and milk,,,


we had with onion raita it was delicious

biryani masala


cinnamon stiick broken into pieces
green cardamom three
brown cardamom three
whole cloves 5
mace half teaspoon
black pepper hal teaspoon
fennel seeds half teaspoon
bay leaves two crushed
grated nutmeg



in a pan on low flame dry raost each ingredient separately
each ingredient will take 4 minutes

keep in air tight container
before using grind to powder


now for the strip for create comic event

for the strip click here

dan asks dave about his fiance in office loo

dan -congrats dave,heard u got engaged,.wht does your fiance do,.just hope she is woking lady??

dave-thank dan,.ya she is is working since two yrs,..and will continue after marraige..but why u asked whether she works or not?

dan-huh,.u dont know these days women who stay at home keep experimenting with recipes,..i feel my kitchen has turned into some lab,.but good for u cause ur fiance works,..

dave-ohh that ways,..ya that is there,..infact when she will be back from work she will be tired to do any experiments, i guess,.our kitchen will stay like kitchen,..

after fewdays,..

dave-dan u were right,..yesterday she prepared some brinjal..with curd,..which was hopeless,..and whni asked her she told she saw in some blog nd wanted to give a try, i understand wht u meant ,..

dan-dave this is just starting..wait and watch what all happen next,..just like me,..u will becomeused to,..

Cranberry Sandesh

the bengali lunch post has already four dishes,..and thats why is quiet i thought to write about this one in new post,.evening after dinner,..i felt bengali food is not complete without sweetdish, it misti doi,rosagulla or evergreen sandesh,..before trying i asked my hubby..whether he will wait...for the sweet ..or wants to sleep,..he told he will wait...btw he liked all the bengali dishes i had prepared today..i was bit scared...cause the gujarati dish which i had prepared was not liked.but guess every day is not sunday, was past 11

...,..and i had to prepare chena too,..this was the first time,,,i prepared sandesh today, i kept the milk for boiling,and started washing off dishes,.whenever i cook ,i wash the dishes first...that way i feel the time i had washed dinner dishes...milk was boiling,..maybe 600ml of milk ,,,sorry guys i am not sure about the quantity,..i added lime juice to curdle the milk,..two teaspoon of lime juice was enough.


..i powdered three teaspoon of sugar in grinder,kept it aside...and made paste of cranberry,..hmm i guess handfull will be enough.



.., this time...milk was fully curdled,..i strained the curdled milk by keeping cloth on top of the stariner, finally i got the cottage cheese or chena,,with help of spoon i squeezed out excess water...


everything ready...i mashed the cottage cheese to soft consistency in a mixing bowl...added grounded sugar,..followed by paste of cranberry..mixed all three together...while mixing thought of making heart shape


,..i know my shapes are not that perfect...really enjoyed..doing this,,


,by the time i finished..hubby had put advay to sleep,.pics were clicked by my hubby...kept in freezer for 10 he wanted to have them that way....and the taste..don ask...i was reminded of my college days,..back here in singapore,..forget about bengali shops...there are hardly any sweet shops,..


in bangalore.where i did my graduation...i used to be regular visitor of kanthi sweets,..and kc das,..felt really happy ,,,as the taste was really great,,,have saved few for tomorrow,,this was my first try for sandesh , really happy...i was bit scared cause cranberry sandesh,,sounds...out of the world,..,.but after eating i forgot everything...